Share Your Playlists!

After some talk about JRO’s official playlists (which you can find here) i noticed that we have no thread where every user can share their playlists as they like.

So feel free to share any playlists here you are proud off, you think are goofy etc.


posted this in the discord already but I made a playlist of some of the stuff I had on my mp3 player when I was a kid (circa 2004-2006), mostly VK but there’s a couple of korean and chinese songs at the end


@robkun not to be pushy or anything and sorry for bothering you Rob senpai but I would love to see your playlist and no I’m not shouhei in disguise.

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Perhaps someday soon! Been really busy with not only stuff on here but real life stuff too! Lol

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Fuck yeah that’s all I needed to hear… heh get it? ALL I NEED
ah nevermind.

First time for me to make a playlist to collect releases throughout the year

You guys know me, it’s gonna include a lot of metalcore

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It’s weird I’m in the capitol of turkey yet I’m region locked and can’t listen to selda.

Btw no nida ria, jtl, or jay chou I’ll give this Super mega sparkly rainbow pass.


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nice! kino’s great
would’ve been awesome to see french bands too like the cube.
or russian rappers like k.r.a (yes found that by looking at kra)
maaaaaan you gotta listen to marakesh saint valentina best album by far
maNga would also been palpable I mean runner up in a rigged show like eurovision especially a rock band is quite a feat. Btw how did Israel win they’re not even european.
or massive attack, or pint shot riot if you’re into underground
man I gah-ah (thats bri-ish for ‘‘I gotta’’) represent dotz and flo, and lost without cause.
and ruff sqwad too.
Maaaan if I had spotify I could’ve compiled a list.

Yeah, unfortunately only one per country – Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Norway were all brutally hard to choose one for. And the constituent countries of the UK too of course, Scotland had me sweatin’.

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short (42mins) playlist of some new-ish japanese rap I like


You guys all knew I had to do this at one point

On Spotify and on YouTube so anybody can check something out.
Feel free to give me feedback, it’s probably far from being perfect

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My Definitive Madara/Disorder listening experience

shame there’s little to no HQ audio version of each individual songs available.

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anyone got like a big playlist of 90s/2000s of jrock/punk/etc?

basically im trying to find some bands but don’t remember anything

Collecting releases I liked this year again, heavy metalcore based


I’m really proud of this one. My Gothic Lolita inspired playlist

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So, a friend of mine is working on a sci-fi book, kind of cyberpunk and transhumanist themes, and I’d like to help by creating the Ultimate Visual Kei Cyberpunk Playlist.

I’ve started with a preliminary selection to build a foundation, but I need more song ideas. So I ask you for help

Here’s my work so far:

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You looking for strictly VK stuff? And if not, are you basing your playlist purely off of lyrics or feel?

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These are my two contributions. Dunno if it’s the vibe you had in mind, but when I think of Cyberpunk I think moody, atmospheric, and industrial.