A new band くるる(Kururu) has formed

A new band called くるる(Kururu) has formed,
And further details will be revealed on July 2nd!


Oh that’s a good idea when you’re lazy to do the stage makeup o.o

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they will be a traditional-style digital-kei band that will also use Vocaloid…no thank u

Gt.にもめろ (nimomero)
Ba.ぷく (puku) (ex-LunatyCieA~ルナティシア~ → LOG (LOG-ログ-) → ASTY (アスティ) → Puku (ぷく) (vocaloid producer)
Dr.詩乃 (sino) (ex-DIEPAST, エトナ (ETNA) → MORE (モア) → MELI-MELO (support) , ZERA (ゼラ) (support) , DDD (support))


I like the illustration, you seldom have good ilustrations in Visual Kei
but this is to be honest the lamest shot teasing a reveal I have seen.
and the Illustration seems so random and out of place (and the style makes me think about a certain yiff artist).
Why do you not just use your band logo?

Is this a new MOTHER?

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Would be pretty stoked if this was ex-BASH! Ayumu, but regardless, this looks like the typical koteosa/kirakira band I would like anyway.

Yuuki (Ex-LOG, Asty) as Vocaloid producer (puku), this is new project by Yuuki, and Sino former member from Diepast and more as Ryuya Friends (Ex-Diepast, Now in Zigzag). But Asty is Still Hiatus


Haha…, Yuuki also used this style when he was at Asty, maybe the concept will be the same as Asty and LOG

くるる Vo.AYUMU 失踪疑惑について https://twitter.com/nimo_0518/status/1538839811032686593/photo/1

Apparently their vocalist disappeared.



with this being a Vocaloid band, i don’t blame him x

The vocalist has not appeared but they will show an MV SPOT next June 25 with only three members.

God Damn, I feel sorry for them. luckily they still have their vocaloid as vocalist, but this is a messy start. A Vocalist is always a hard member to replace and the head of every band.

Hope they find new vocal.
And I hope their missing vocal is not BASH’s vocal.

MV FULL and look will be released on 2022/07/02.


They are currently looking for a new vocalist.

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Oh, this is cute! I love how they’re all singing!! now i don’t want them to find an actual vocalist lmao

Also love how the girly one has the deepest voice out of all of them lmao


I am pleasantly surprised

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The Vocaloid aspect comes from not the Vocaloid itself being featured in the band’s music, but Puku is a vocaloid music producer so he releases Vocaloid versions of the song at the same time.