A new band くるる(Kururu) has formed

I like them already

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The vocaloid version is actually better imo

I am not a too big of their voices, and also prefer the Vocaloid version. (the guitarists is nonetheless so cute)
But this is for me the best way to make such an idol Visual Kei group, have them all actually playing instruments. it feels like actual Visual Kei and not an euphemism for standard Idol with rock


I personally like the visual Kei version better

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Very excited to finally see Nimo playing in a band!!

I completely forgot about his channel until I was looking at my subscriptions and saw I was subscribed to him

Just an off-topic comment, I wasn’t expecting this:


He got absolutely ripped in like a year

i lost my shit when i first saw that on twitter

How is he this ripped?

A little bit of that magic stuff, most definitely. Still, he had to put in a lot of work and it’s good to have more bandmen promoting fitness. It’s some damn nice motivation and makes me lift even harder.

…and the music is aight, too, I guess. It’s light and fun. More bands should employ more than one vocalist.

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New digital single “変貌-狐-アンチサァカス” has been released at 2022/09/11.



Men are only allowed to wear skirt if they are this jacked.

Also this:

I love it already

actually it looks so strange… mostly his face tho with that body :rofl:

Off-topic (2nd part):

her waistline tho <3

When the smol one is actually fucking massive

Oh, I just realised he was the one doing these guitar covers.