AI in J-Rock and Visual Kei

It really sucks how AI is taking over the scene, and this has just started. We are just gonna get more and more of this.

This is something like I could put together in a few mins. So ugly, so low effort. It wouldn’t surprise me if AI-generated music is just a step away.

Also I never complain about Kyo’s looks but that clown makeup with stockings tied to his scalp… and sunglasses, just terrible lol. EASILY one of his ugliest looks ever not gonna lie.
Sorry for the negativity, just the first impression is not good and I dont think im alone on this. :grimacing:


My first thought was, that I’m not minding the low effort because I don’t think we will get anything like Kodou/Saku/The Final story videos again nor will they hire an actual artist like for ASOM, but the guy on the left literally has two arms?
I get why they’d use AI, but jeez, just let someone post-edit this shit at least and spend 500 Yen on your video.

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the preview was 15 seconds of nothing, I can’t formulate an opinion about the song
about the mv, It’s a shame they went with AI, I liked the visuals, but that being properly made would be awesome


they actually recently hired the ASOM animation team for ochita PV, which is also cheap and cheesy but it was shot during covid so like that was one excuse

for backgrounds and sutff I can understand someone using it - it’s faster than waiting for an artist(s) to spend several months back and forth with director on the background work, but that character cast is literally an assault on the eyes, topped with nonexistent video concept (serial killer bears, demon spawns, and satanism in pink, so novel!!!)

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Just hope that this will result in such a big embrassement and financial disaster for Dir en Grey that the scene will learn and remember, that Visual Kei should be a honest expression of human feelings to the highest extent, and that AI has no excuse being there as it can’t express anything.
(And make you look like a cheap jackass scammer anyway)
I am tired of seeing those ugly ass the Thirteen AI album covers


It still needed approval from humans so whoever approved it felt it expressed what they wanted.

it’s… really hard to tell, but i hope it’s either an end of a verse, or a part of a chorus thing? I hope the actual chorus is a bit different and it’s just a preview of the most ambiguous part of the song???

I really like the tempo of this song, vocals, and the arrangement (it sounds like more of phalaris-kei/best parts of arche so far)

idk i feel like his bald era desensitized me for legit any other new kind of clownery from him. I just nod, make an occasional “oh, hunny” shitpost, and scroll now.

he does look heavily borrowing Lime’s look (who in turn looked like shinya ca. the final PV and photoshoot painted with maximum strength paleface,)

they don’t sell PV DVD/BR single types for higher chart rankings so it kind of won’t really affect the sales, but if this shit goes on a PV collection the way it is, it’s a hard no


What kills me about all of this is that they tried to save yennies by using AI instead of VFX artists, will probably drop a promo version of this PV that’s 2/3 the length of the actual song, and then never release the full version on a DVD to recoup costs…


one thing AI probably won’t generate for them is like gore-tier stuff that would warrant a censored version, but I can’t really say I’d care if it gets censored treatment.

for what it’s worth if they waited for TWOM video that took over a year to get finished they could have spared everyone’s eyes and not put this out. literally five minutes of kyo screaming at a mirror in a black room would have been better.

a live PV, since they had several of those, with some video clip art, would have been a shittier, but still better substitute. I don’t care about what PV GPT can do to express their unique worldview.


I never bought an AVARAGE WHATEVER, and now I can’t see myself justify buying one. I don’t know what the master salesman tommy is planning, but I hope it blows on his face. Those promotional versions of mvs that butchers the songs can’t be doing them any good

They are bad even for the reaction channel industry complex that benefited them with thousands of vinushka and obscure videos

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It’s entirely possible. 34 singles is a lot, and personally I would’ve run out of good concepts by now.


I could care less about the AI debate. I’ve just accepted that this going to be a “norm” and no amount of tweeting or dissertations is gonna change that.

The song? Yeah I was not expecting this. I need the full song now. Sounds like something fresh cuz thank God, PHALARIS is some mid. I couldn’t take a leftover from that era.


The video for Otogi on the EU tour was quite gory. I’ve seen incredibly grotesque AI images created by artists, so it’s possible.

Youtube comments seem positive.

I feel so sheltered because every moderated art community I hang out at literally eviscerates AI art on spot, so that is sort of surprising… sort of not… i d k

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on twitter the girls are loving the serial killer imagery, as usual

Never thought about it, but diru must market themselves for the true crime wierdos


Glad I’m in some common company as it relates to AI stuff. I think we all kinda get the same vibe that it’s a shame but also unavoidable. I just hope it passes like a fad (like how every music video in 2000 has chrome.) also glad i wasn’t the only one who thought of Lime when they saw Kyo’s new look.
The sound is unique, but as usual you can’t tell a ton about a Dir en Grey track from the teaser, so I’ll wait to paas judgement. Just hope it’s a banger.


I guess I’m not really surprised at the use of AI, but it is a bit of a bummer. I just think it’s silly to use when you have creative human minds. But, I digress.

What I am surprised about is how pink it all is, but I’m very okay with them doing this. Feels new/different than usual. Stoked for how the music sounds, 15 seconds isn’t enough, but I tend to like whatever they do anyway.


Lets be 100 percent honest and fair here. And yes im going to play devils advocate.

DEG has given us some stellar/ bonkers ass PV’s, many of which utilized their and other’s creativity. I’m not gonna get mad at a bunch of old men who supposedly decided this one time to cut corners and Use AI. Its not illegal, them dudes is tired, busy (especially Kyo) and outside the initial release of the PV, I doubt folk are gonna circle back to it.

As long as they’re still writing their shit in the studio, and that LIVE performance is dope, its all good. That’s all that matters. I get AI is a divisive topic but so are plenty others. And I like functioning on the basis of:

I don’t know these guys. They don’t know me.
And they don’t owe me (or any one else) an allegiance to a side of the coin on these topics.


The sauce in me


I agree.

I mean, obviously I’m only speaking for myself, but I watch PVs once when they come out and never look at them again. I’m also just old and don’t really care about the visual aspects of bands anymore.