Alphoenix new song "BlaQ Road" + 2nd album release

Alphoenix’s 2nd Album will be released on the 21st September.
And they released their lead single “BlaQ Road” yesterday (27.07) with a lyric video.

They also released a new bandphoto some days ago

And the track list was released a while ago too

Return of the Savior was already released in the beginning of the year
You can find some more infos about it → here ←


Another song will be released. I am guessing that this one will have a MV :thinking:

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Song is out with MV.
The song is lit, i just wish the Bandmembers looked less stiff in the MV.
Like Guys, please you got legs, use em.


And another MV.
The song is great, the MV stays meh.
Like i am happy they give us MVs but i would have preferred a fancy lyrics video over the amount of stiffness inside those two MVs.

Reminds me a bit on Deviloof and their kitchen MVs, but Alphoenix clearly got the better lighting show. :relieved::ok_hand:

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