BABYMETAL new concept album "THE OTHER ONE" release

BABYMETAL new concept album “THE OTHER ONE” will be released worldwide at 2023/03/24.

10 new songs.

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I was literally just listening to Babymetal while working out at the gym in my favorite Babymetal cut off shirt thinking “when is Babymetal going to release a new album” and I am thrilled with this

Hope it doesn’t have a live-limited two-disc version which will never see the light of day

Wasn’t a fan of the last album. I think I liked just four songs in total if I remember correctly. And all four were singles? Kinda disappointing when you listen to an album and realize you’ve heard all the best material before the album’s release. No hidden gems. I loved the first two albums so hopefully they come back stronger with this one.

New digital single "Divine Attack - 神撃 -” will be released at 2022/10/21.



The new song is not bad, I look forward to the album to see where they’re going next

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Love it. Initially I was sorta okay with it, but I’ve come to love it now. Also, the video is fantastic.

New digital single "Monochrome” will be released at 2022/11/18.

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when I hear the name of the album
“The other one”
I can only think about lin-the end of corruption world-‘s “another best album”