Band Recommendations

I thought I’d make a thread for people to ask for recommendations for particular bands. I’ll start. I’m looking for bands like Galneryus, and Concerto Moon.

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Just to clarify, Japanese recommendations only?

The obvious ones: Jupiter, Matenrou Opera, Moi dix mois, Versailles, X JAPAN

Besides that, you might like



Church of Misery:



DragonForce (Not Japanese):


Projects of other Galneryus members might be worth checking out

Yuhkinen (keyboardist YUHKI)

Alhambra (also YUHKI)

Rekion (ex-vocalist Yama-B)

Gunbridge (Yama)

VALKYR (guitarist Syu)

SPINALCORD - also has material released as Aushvitz (Syu)

Syu also has two solo albums that are both really good


Yeah. I should have clarified that since I know pretty much all the non Japanese ones.

IRON ATTACK! I dunno how they compare to the current GALNERYUS, but I feel like IRON-CHINO really understands the nerdy yet earnest 80s metal dad energy YAMA-B brought to the band, and that was the main thing that I liked about GALNERYUS, tbh. Plus you get a wide selection of different vocalists to break things up a bit, and I think they’ve all got their charms.

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Aikaryu and Jikuu Kaizoku Seven Seas.


Any female fronted bands? Can be anything jpop to vkei. Surprise me.

@HeroOfLove I can recommend you these bands: Aldious, Lovebites, Band-Maid, Nemophila, Bridear

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Nothing in particular but I’m getting tired of my library, anything similar to any of these artists:

La cryma christi
Janne Da Arc

Or if you just think there’s a really good artist I should check out anyway then let me know.

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I like Aurora and Gechena and also Siva and related projects if you don’t mind disbanded.

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Pierrot, Diaura, megamasso

Can I spontaneously give recommendations? :thinking:

Hi all! I’m currently spinning the delightful Issei trio (D.I.D, Dimlim, Nazare) and wondered if there are any other VK bands with this mega heavy style. I don’t really count bands like Deviloof, Dexcore or Nocturnal Bloodlust as they just sound like US metalcore/deathcore to me.

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

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i am accounting you know the classics stuff like Dir en Grey already.

there is ninth in pluto coming to my mind but thats about it

I am accounting that any non-VK band i would recommend here will fall under your category of “too western”, even stuff like Paledusk.

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hmmm maybe 鴉-カラス-

MEME has been my favourite

I hope not.

Here are a few off the top of my head hopefully you find a couple you like, I tried to include a variety as there aren’t too many super heavy bands that also manage to not sound western so some might sound either not heavy enough or too western: