Band Recommendations

thank you!!

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My fave era was around 2010-2015, so if anybody can recommend bands that sound similar to Signal, Lustknot, Disgust, Deluhi, -Oz-, Delacroix, Redrum, Revlez and 3rd Birthday I’d be grateful.

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Hopefully you might like at least a couple of these:


Here are some girl vk bands, some might have some male members but hopefully itll still sound like what you were looking for:

This one was an idol group but i think they reformed as a vk band with the release of their album iirc:

Not vk but both her sound and music videos are definitely heavily influenced by vk so I recommend her:


Someone recommend me hardcore punk bands from Japan. Not The STALIN, GISM, DSB, S.H.I., Zouo.

Kruelty, Numb, Palm

These guys maybe too


Also maybe you can find something in this YouTube channel

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Gauze is the best band by a mile. Their first two-three albums are just class, and some of the best hardcore ever produced.

Disclose is mandatory if you’re into d-beat. They the kind of Discharge worship that makes Discharge sound like a radio pop band.

S.O.B. is regarded as one of the earliest grindcore and thrashcore bands, but they started out as a hardcore band. Brutal and chaotic as fuck.

Death Side is alsothe one if the big ones. Dark, brutal and nasty.

And stuff like The Comes, Framtid, Kriegshog, Kuro and SS are pretty fucking fantastic.

Not all of these are straight up hardcore tho, some are d-beat and some are crust punk.


Thank you!

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I don’t know if I should ask here because my request isn’t really specific, but here I go. The thing is almost all the bands I listen to are from the 90s/early 2000s, with post-punk or baroque influences, and I would like to expand my horizons a bit. So if some of you could recommend me more metal-inspired bands (I’m fine with any subgenres, and I don’t mind if they use clean vocals or harsh ones :)) I’d be really grateful ^^. I’m also interested in trying pop rock and electronic music vkei acts, so if you know good ones tell me please :slight_smile: Extra points if the bands are modern and active, but “oldies but goodies” are welcome too ofc.

Hopefully you might find a few here that you like, I tried to include a lot of currently active bands but not all of them are:


Wow, thank you a lot for taking the time, there are a lot of bands! I listened to a few songs and I liked them, so I’m looking forward listening the rest. Thank you again <3


No problem! I have plenty more if you end up liking them and want more recommendations feel free to ask just let me know the ones you liked so I can recommend bands with a similar sound.

What other jrock bands/songs should I check,if my favourite jroc
k songs are early D (up to 7th Rose) ,Syndrome (Asagi era),Asagi solo - “Corvinus”,“Unkniwn”, OZ songs “Rain Delay” " and “Sky high” , Gazette- “Guren” “Chizuru” ,Dir en grey Uroboros album , Malice Mizer Bara no seidou album,D’Espairs Ray -particularely “Marry of the blood” ,“Yami ni furu kiseki” ,“Cocoon” , Girugamesh- “Ishtar”.

Edit: can moderator please delete the other topuc I created
? It’s about Asagi.

Everything in this topic:

The ten artists featured in this post:

The nine artists I posted about here:

That should be enough for now.

Hello!! My friend wants to try out Visual Kei, but has some specific tastes that do not coincide with mine, so I wanted to see if anyone can find a good band for him.

Here are some examples of his taste he gave:

He likes Requiem by Zigzag so far, but other songs not so much yet

If anyone knows one or two bands that fit, please share!

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The songs you posted are pretty much as J-pop as it gets, so it’s kind of hard.
Why exactly are you looking for VK bands though?

The only one that comes to my mind would be the more mainstream/poppy ones (which are less vk though)


He’s just curious, that’s all lol
I want to help him give it a go anyways

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With Shiggy Jr. and SSTP, I’d rather recommend some more indie/pop-rock-ish bands instead of vk bands actually:

I don’t know the reasons, why your friend wants to try VK, but i gotta agree with Kuma a little here, maybe your friend is better of with j-rock instead VK.

My non-VK recommendations would be

One Eye Closed

The Card’s i Play (they got some songs that are fully harsh vocals, so maybe your friend will like them less)


Seek us need

My recommendations usually tend to be indie bands.

VK wise i am not sure currently (also my internet isn’t stable)

This might be a sin, but I’ve been really into djent/prog/swancore, are there any recent VK acts that play along this style I should check out? I know DAMNLAM and DEXCORE already