Band Recommendations

Does it has to be VK?

Swancore? How about Eversolitude

Well…Nevrness is kinda progressive Rock/Met, I guess :thinking:

And yeah none of these bands is VK
I also got a playlist on Spotify and YouTube with a hella load of metalcore, which you can find here

And sorry if I recommended any bands you already knew, sometimes I forget who I recommended what :person_facepalming::sweat_smile:

Edit: I had to edit a little because I noticed I gave you the same recommendations, by the way you could also just check the news under the Metalcore tag, maybe you can find something to your taste there


Not a band recommendation per se, but I’d like recommendations for what people consider really good live albums, can be Japanese, American, European, rock, metal, nu-metal, etc.

Does it count when I say Sailing Before The Winds A Decade of Sailors is pretty dope? :laughing:

LYNCH EVOKE / lynch. - YouTube

D’espairsRay REDEEMER / D'ESPAIRSRAY - YouTube

MUCC ムック / アゲハ - YouTube


I’ve heard of ZORRO

La’Cryma Christi



Anyone know any good Japanese raprock or rapmetal bands, or even just songs? I generally don’t like rap, but I came across some songs with rap parts in them from Chinese rock bands, and they were … kind of cool. So I’m just curious how Japanese would sound in such context. Preferably female singer, but I’m open to anything.

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Only female one coming to my mind are Hanabie

In case you want to try male vocalists

011 is a nu metal/ nu-metalcore band



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High and Mighty Color



Dragon Ash

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i dont listen to them but I heard leetspeak monsters has rap?


They do!! D13 does it pretty well! Keraunos ft THUNDERBOiiiZ is really nice!

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I’d actually love to get some recommendations. I’m looking for more stuff like:
Sugar/More/Sakashimana Hagurumao Kamengawarau
9 goats Blackout

Experimental, atmospheric, slightly jazzy, jrock kind of stuff.

Anyone have suggestions?

im super late but maybe you’d like g~angel

they were an all female vkei band. they have this eerie, old jpop (city pop even) sound, and their visuals are very cool :bangbang:


I’ve been into kei for quite a while and I am currently looking for more Vkei bands. I don’t have any specific genres or types. I listen to a variety of Vkei bands. A few examples would be:

Gulu Gulu, Kebyo, Versailles, Sito Magus, Malice Mizer, Dadaroma, deadman, Larenie, Mejibray, Kizu, Dexcore, Deviloof, The Gazette, The MADNA and I lot more I can’t remember of the top of my head,

Do you guys have any recommendations? Any similar bands would be appreciated!

My only exposure to Visual Kei has been anime openings. SID and The GazettE. I haven’t listened to any of their songs outside of Monochrome no Kiss, Enamel, and Shiver.

I was looking for suggestions, good groups to listen to and things generally I should know about vkei.

We actually got a playlist from Jrockone itself.
Maybe that helps some.

You can always take a dip into it.
Some are available on YouTube too, not only Spotify.

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Kuroshitsuji fan just like me hm :slight_smile:

I have made yearly a spotify playlist of my favorite VK releases. You could check them out.

And currently working on the 2024 (will be updated regularly):

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Recommendations for artists/bands/groups with music without vocals, could be rock, metal, jazz, classical, anything really; preferably Japanese artists.


Some of my favorites


What Japanese instrumental bands do you already like?