Bandmember that got into trouble with the law

So many people love true crime stories nowadays, so why not see who commited (less or more bad) crimes in the VK or Jrock scene??

We had from small things like getting catched with weed, up to actual murder.
Feel free to share the bad (or not so bad) guys in VK.

Adding straight of those i know

Akinori (lynch) and Lin (ex- Nocturnal Bloodlust) had both been catched with Cannabis.

Setsuna from The Egoist actually killed his girlfriend or should i say mistress, because when the stuff happened he was married and the girl he murderd was his affair
more details to the story here



who is he, and what did he do?



I have never seen another photo than the ones on vkgy of him :laughing::laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Wasn’t Psycho le Cemu’s vocalist arrested for possession of methamphetamine?

It’s always the cute ones you have to look out for.

We had FAZ ex-drummer Takahiro trying to scam a woman

I only know about Setsuna and Shintaro (ex-aiolost).
Shintaro was arrested becouse he had orgies with underrage girls who were a big fans of aiolost.


you know who also got arrested and got in BIG trouble with law?

girlies in that other thread calling bareface Nemu ugly knowing full well what the egoist heffa looks like out of drag

i’m not a girl and idk who the egoist guy was until i saw this thread :sob:

Oh man we have a couple. Everyone knows the Egoist one. Its the more popular one.

We have bass Tomoe (Ex-Dispina). Very talented bassist btw. So sad sad about this one. He basically found a wallet never returned it and used the money in the wallet.

ジグソウ (jigsaw) have lost contact with Ba.智依 (tomoe) --> has been arrested - News - Monochrome Heaven

We have a vocalist who got arrested for tax evasion of 180,000,000 yen. I find that to be crazy >.< lol

A guitarist accused of being invovled with underage women and was arrested.

I dont think this last one counts but i figured i should add it since its relelant even tho. its not clear if he was arrested or not. He was probably accused of it Noah (Ex-Avanchick)
but based on the drama i can see why they disbanded.

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Old man gackt got in trouble for missing funds or scamming midgets. Or something like that.

Doesnt Gackt also avoid paying taxes by living in Malasiya?

he has a business there which seemingly replaced his sanging occupation as of now, iirc it’s this crypto + he has local management for whatever the fuck he does not, because I don’t remember any music related news about him in a long time.

his tax evasion tea was rly good

Chanty’s second guitarist ‘Shia’ (I’m sure they’ve had 3-4 by now) got busted for fraud (possibly embezzlement)

Probably the first of it’s time and one most people will know but Larc en ciel’s original drummer got busted for heroin possession, surprisingly went on to have a really solid career after that.

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Sakura is one of the most sought after session drummers there is and rayflower are pretty successful. Also, Sakura wasn’t L’Arc’s first drummer, he came in after PERO left, it’s just no one has ever heard of him, so they just figure that Sakura was part of the original lineup, but he wasn’t. Neither was Ken, he’d replaced Hiro, but that’s another topic for another day.

How is this a thing? How did they track down cash, and how would they even know he did it? Also, how is this a crime, I don’t think it even mentions if there was identification in the wallet in which case that definitely shouldn’t be a crime.

security cameras of stores? eyewitnesses?
maybe he used a creditcard from that wallet too, not only cash

this article about japans 99% conviction rate might be interesting

Well obviously guilty until proven innocent in Japan, but yeah. If he used a credit card then that’s theft in any country.