Bandmembers Jobs outside Music

1.Yoshiki’s X/Y Energy Drinks

2.Ruki’s nil due/nil un fashion line

3.Kyo’s madaraningen
4.Reita’s SNAKEDLOWS fashion line

5.Aoi’s pulse jewelry line
6.Tatsurou’s wine line


Did you ever bought any of these products? or did you have some additions?


Bro I wouldn’t be able to get it even If wanted too.

I’ve been eyeing the Snaked Lows stuff for a while, personally find RUKI’s brand over-rated except the rings, but those are over-priced for what they are and AOI’s jewelry brand is atrocious and sky high. You can get Justin Davis and kiryuyrik cheaper than what RUKI and AOI charge.

Haru from xaa xaa working at an udon restaurant before joining


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I’m surprised there isn’t like a thread somewhere of pictures ppl took of bandmen at their part time jobs

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something on tanuki.
But on another note, taking photos without consent is pretty problematic. (Usually it’s illegal, unless they are part of a crowd in public)

Also there is the thing for VK bandmember to even be able to recognize them without makeup and maybe wig :laughing:

Haru posts that photo literally each year :laughing:

Let me quote myself here:

Also if you venture outside the VK area you can find Bandmember who are open about their work.
We got Morby from Victim of Deception who works part time at a convenience store, Gen from Hikage works at a clothing store

Let me add to that, Junpei from Victim of Deception his family owns a gardening company, Tomoki from the grindcore band Kandarivas is a general thoracic surgeon, and if i have the right info Kneeya (ovEnola, Kandarivas) works as a dentist.

My quotes are from here


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When Deviloof did that thing where each member made a blog post in Note, Keisuke mentioned that he was working part-time at a bento shop during COVID.

“As a musician and vocalist, I have also been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Since March, I have been cut off from one of the lifelines of a musician, namely concert activities (other than no-audience concerts). With no other source of income, I’ve recently started working part-time at a bento store.”


Most common jobs of fellow bandmen around me are: bartender, conbini (night shift), and smarter guys in I.T. jobs


Pictures keisuke making hello kitty meals :heart_eyes: