BUTTERFLY SCISSORS first single "You still have my heart" release

Butterfly Scissors will release their first song on the 1st September.


Pre-Save the song → here ←


Song is out

Stream it here

And if you still haven’t, go and check out the interview


still feeling good about this song, but I hope moving forward we can get more of kenghh’s math-y guitar shenanigans, I love them

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Looks like we will get a lyric video still
I wish they would have added the timezone
But accounting that it’s still not available, we go with pacific daylight time? :thinking: i guess

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Lad is still a goddamn magician on the guitar, all the layers are super tasty




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Getting heavier I see :fire:
That’s great

Also it looks like we will get the song still this month :thinking:
And the name should be “SAVIOURSELF”



Now I’m getting pierce the veil vibes wtf danm. I guess this band can replace them until pierce the veil releases something that doesnt suck. Probably not gonna be until another 3-6 years until that happens but I love me some emo music so im here for it.

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Definitely not my thing. But totally agree with the previous post about the guitars being nicely layered. Otherwise i shall be ignoring these guys from now on. Haha


Give em one more song! They said this was their worst and that they have heavier, so I’m holding out for that.


Why would you a. Release your worst song first and b. Release a song you immediately feel the need to make excuses for? If they didn’t think it was a strong song then eventually make it a bside or toss it.

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Because it’s better to become better than to become worse
Also I don’t think that song is bad.
Sure not everyone will like it, but music is heavily subjective.

Not doing bad there with nearly 5K plays after 8 days

Can you see them giving any excuse anywhere??
You have maybe noticed that we have a interview with Kala and KENGHH.
If you haven’t read it till now, feel free to read it now
Click me to read the Interview

What happened in Zeus his comment, is that @zeus and me played telephone, which is my mistake to begin with(I think that’s how the game is called in English).
Kala said it’s his least favorite song and he thinks they got better ones to come.