cali≠gari set to release "16" Summer 2023

The best boys cali≠gari just shared a live video from 2018 to promote the upcoming 16 album and subsequent tour. In the video’s description, they state that 16 is scheduled for this Summer. Barring any delays (a tradition with their last few albums,) this will place it roughly 1.5 years out from their previous full-length.


Waaay faster than I was expecting.

Can’t wait! The preview single/EP was great.

Always great news! Every album is always at the very least “good”, though most are fantastic.

The album will be released on 2023/06/21, in two types: regular CD and limited CD+DVD. The bonus DVD will contain a music video for the album’s closing track and some live digest footage.


  1. 切腹 -life is beautiful-
  2. 禁断の高鳴り
  3. 狂う鐫る芥
  4. 赤色矮星
  5. 脱兎さん
  6. 紫陽花の午後
  7. 夜陰に乗じて
  8. 果て描く真っ平な日差し
  9. 燃えろよ燃えろ
  10. Engaging Universe
  11. 銀河鉄道の夜

Tracks 3 and 9 come from their latest EP, while track 7 is from the “A.B.C.” EP. Track 10 is a SOFT BALLET cover that they already played live a few years ago.


Not the most material but I’m not mad! Wonder if they’ll delay it to make more songs again lol. Engaging Universe is gonna be so good.


I hope there won’t be any last-minute delays, it’s just the right amount of music imo.

Also can’t wait!


My first album release as a baby garist! Are they always this casual?

Details for live privilege cd are available too :

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Description per CDJAPAN

Truly the most casual Cali Gari album


cali gari brings their album.


Which album?? An album. :joy:

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Awesome! This year has been great for my favorite bands bringing out releases. Can’t wait.

Love it when they bring it.

A bit underwhelming but I’m not mad

I love their rendition of “Engaging Universe” but it just seems odd to include it in “16”. They can put that in a cover album and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

And as for 音源CD(A ver. or B ver.); I doubt the staff will give you 2 of the same types when you present to them 4 cards so that’s the best bet IMO to get both types.

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Pre-ordered my copy!! The deluxe edition from CDJapan to the US was a hefty cost, but I’m excited! I try to actually support the band when it’s possible, and hope others do the same if they’re able.

At the very least, since it’s another major release, it’ll probably be on streaming like 15 was.


Definitely adding a physical to my collection! They’re worth it.

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As per Shuuji’s twitter update, the mastering of the album is complete, so hopefully there won’t be any delay in the release date. :slight_smile:


The fabulous cover art has been revealed: