This forum needs a thread for the Eroguro kings! Feel free to use this thread to talk all about cali≠gari, whether it be their songs, albums, lives, or the members themselves! If anyone has any questions, this thread will be helpful as well. Although they are well-known, here’s a quick run-down of cali≠gari’s history:

Formed all the way back in 1989 by leader Ao and Kazumi, the band got its name from the cult classic German horror movie “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari”. Throughout many lineup changes their sound has changed slightly, but their experimental, jazz-fusion and post-punk roots have stayed intact. They went on hiatus in 2003 and came back with their latest lineup intact in 2009 and have been making music ever since. They are famous for pioneering the music movement of “Eroguro” which is all about capturing the aesthetic of “Erotic Grotesque Nonsense” within music (as opposed to its representation in visual art, for example). Fans of cali≠gari are called “Garists” (“the believers of cali≠gari”)

Current lineup:

Vocals: (石井秀仁) Shuuji Ishii (Also in many other popular bands such as Goatbed and XA-VAT)
Guitar: (桜井青) Ao Sakurai
Bass: (村井研次郎) Kenjiro Murai

Former members:
Kureiju (Vocals, 1993)
Shin (Vocals, 1994-1995)
Shuuji (A.K.A “Bald Shuuji” or “The Hage”) (Vocals,1996-2000)
Keiji (Bass, 1993-1994, 1995)
Kazuya (Bass, 1994-1995)
Kazumi (Drums, 1989-1999)
Makoto Takei (Drums, 1999-2012?)

With a discography that spans 20 years, it’s best if I add a link to their discography for those who want to know more about it. Their OHP is also a good source for news on activity!


Best band ever. They had their up and downs in terms of quality over the last decade though, but still my favorite. Can’t wait for their next full length.


Absolute fax right there. I’m excited for 15 as well, I’m thinking of buying 15 Yokoku just to hear what new stuff they’ve got in store, but we’ll see…

Where should I start with Cali Gari?? I like some songs from the Bald Shuuji era and Maguro but I want to listen to their full lengths. Should I go chronologically?


Hmm, I would recommend starting with the earlier stuff but not completely chronologically. The demo tapes are good but it’s better to begin around the 5~7 Jikkenshitsu. I think that dai5 (第5実験室) is their best album ever but it leans harder to the experimental side so it might be best to start with their best album Good-Bye (グッド、バイ。) which is a really great introduction for beginners. That being said, if you wanna go knee-deep into that Misshitsu Kei weirdness then you can skip past the best and try this order → 第5実験室 (dai5 jikkenshitsu)–> 第6実験室 (dai6 jikkenshitsu) → 第7実験室 (dai7 jikkenshitsu). 5 is more like experimental with a stronger jazz-rock influence, dai6 strikes a balance, and I’d say dai7 is the definitive “Misshitsu Kei” sound (i.e heavy on the post-punk and new wave but still with a bit of jazz/experimental in it)

From those descriptions, you can choose your own adventure, really, you don’t have to prescribe to my order. Their newer sound has more of Shuuji’s new wave/electronic leanings but I really like it too. 10, ≠, and 14 really stand out to me. Also, you can’t go wrong with Bluefilm.

Their stuff’s on MH but if you need help, I can lend ya a hand. I also have their newest mini (Bluefilm revival) up on the “flipside” wink wink


Thank you sooooo much!!! :smiley: :smiley: I’ll comeback with my impressions
I’m going to use the 5-7 order and keep their new stuff for later

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Basically everything @Total_Saikou said.

There’s really something for everybody with cali≠gari. A few crap tracks (on purpose), but so many gems throughout all their albums.

My personal favorites are 7, 10, 12 and 14.


How did I miss the 15 announcement?! When’s that coming out?

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Their newest release, 15予告版 is officially out now! It’s Maxi-single length and they’re calling it a “15 preview” so I’m assuming that they’re gearing up for their next full length sometime soon. Their newest lives are also called the “15 tours”. I haven’t seen any official news on their full length, though.


Ah, sweet! Gonna have to check it out.

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Yeah, I think I will too… I’ll have to save up though, there have been so many amazing releases by my favourite artists recently! :star_struck:


Lucky you! I’m super picky so I’m on a dry spell haha.

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第5実験室 is one of the best albums ever imo

I’m back I’ve listened from 5 to 8 and here are my impressions:
Dai5: Amazing! I love the dark, sad and silly aura it has, my favorite was definitely Izon, such a powerful song. I would love to know what all the lyrics are about my broken Japanese isn’t enough.
Dai6: At first it had a very melancholic aura, but later the silly touch appeared and destroyed me with Tadaima. Great Album too but I liked 5 better
Dai7: Total madness in a good way. Does Shuuji do all the voices or Ao helps too??? Either way I think is amazing.
8: I don’t know, I didn’t dislike it, but it was very different. I need to listen it at least 3 times more.

That’s just my first impressions. I need to deeply analyze each one, but overall I’m very with Cali Gari, they’re as amazing as I imagined. ooooohh btw, The Doramas from 5 and 7 are my favorites


Alright, now that is awesome to hear! I’m glad you enjoyed them :smiley: I’m personally not big on 8 but it’s nice that you checked it out too. There are some overlooked songs on there like 白い黒

It’s a song about losing someone, essentially. This line always gets me:

You were the hospital that treats a disease named dependence, and I was its patient

It sounds a lot better in Japanese imo but you get the gist.

Man, I remember watching them perform it during their reunion live (DVD) and I was bawling like a baby. That song can really hit different sometimes…

Yup, Ao does quite a few verses in CG songs. Even as far back as their demo tapes, he’s singing a few verses.

A cultured take :+1: :face_with_monocle:


@Total_Saikou where did you find those translations? Or did you translate it by yourself?

@Zetsu I’m glad you got excited with them :slight_smile: if you want to hear more Ao singing try out his other band lab. (aka LAB.THE BASEMENT)

Btw, there’s a lab. reunion concert happening soon with aie on guitars, DIË-QUAR is algo playing a reunion concert on the same event:


Yup, it was me. I remember seeing Japanese lyrics online so I went and read over them before giving my translation.

The new Mamade of Sugao looking so good btw!!!


Amazing! :slight_smile: do you post your translations somewhere?

Link me their experimental songs!