One month until we’re in a season that doesn’t have a dedicated cali≠gari song. When are we going to get 秋の日?

Ao posted these setlist(s?) from their 30th anniversary show.

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Hmm it would be cool if they recorded & released these sets - bundle it in a 4-disc set like they typically do & include a live that’s more focused on 16. I’d snatch that up real quick.

…and of course there’s someone in the comments asking for the same thing, but specifically for it to be a FC-exclusive release. Western Garists shall never know peace.

The 1st photo’s setlist is what they actually performed; the 2nd photo is a ‘1st draft’. The arrangement of the setlist is 1 song from every album/EP in their chronological release dates aka their earliest album to their latest album, with the encore portion focusing on FC songs.

The entire gig was broadcasted live for FC members via their website, available till 12th Sep 6am so yeah, its no longer available. If it makes those who missed it feel better, it was in a dismal 720p resolution with a fixed camera hahaha

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After the tour final for 16 yesterday, a whole slew of concerts were announced, including the release of an live limited EP「冬の日」that will be sold at 20th Jan 2024’s gig: