A little machina-china-china, as a treat.

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The original 10 is one of my favourite albums of all time. The re-make is decent too, but just doesn’t hit the same.

Always love this tune~ :sunglasses:


One of 13’s best!


Wait a second. Is the Yukarie that plays sax for cali gari the same Yukarie from Jagatara? I think she is!

Seems to be her! Blew my mind too, haha.

Random: the band keeps steadily upping more live videos on their YT channel, love to see it! Especially when it’s this song, which one of my underrated favorites. :two_hearts:


They also posted a pretty good Natsu No Hi the other day too! A certified Gary classic.

I’ve been listening to a lot of 10 Rebuild lately and figured I’d try to understand the differences between both versions. Everything other than maybe the guitars seem to be rerecorded? maybe? I think the electronics and fewer weird effects on the vocals elevate the Rebuild above the original - this may be my spiciest take on the band, but I have such a hard time getting into the original 10. I think the Rebuild is lovely though, and the songs themselves have been growing on me so hard.


It’s always cool to find renewed appreciation for a release with these re-recorded or re-mixed versions. For instance, that sunflower mini (憧憬、睡蓮と向日葵) is one of my least favorite c-g releases, but there’s a slightly different alternate version (limited? fanclub ver.? I don’t know anymore) that remixes some stuff and rearranges a few sounds here and there and it just makes the whole thing better for me.

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Top 10 iconic performances of all time now finally available on YT:


little known fact: the hospital that treats a disease called “addiction” from Izon is a reference to Shuuji and his lyric monitor


Woh, it’s the guy from the cover of Dai 7!

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Great to see him still getting work even decades later! :face_holding_back_tears:

utterly insane how many Blue Films they fit on the 20th Anniversary Blue Film reissue - and that’s not even counting BLUE FILM -REVIVAL-!

Shuuji has pneumonia caused by COVID :slightly_frowning_face: get well soon goatman!!

western garists have been too oppressed for too long

Wait there’s a physical release of ABC for busy people?

It’s been popping up here and there for a bit, so I think they’re selling it at lives

Who’s ready to hate Kyoto?

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Kind of crazy they’re putting a live distribution single on streaming. Maybe they’ll have mercy on us and put those ¥20k+ singles on streaming in a year or two

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One month until we’re in a season that doesn’t have a dedicated cali≠gari song. When are we going to get 秋の日?