Aww both of them are cuties! :heart_eyes_cat: Haha, I’m also a crazy cat lady whenever I see a cat outside I could faint. Okay, I’m just kidding now. :joy_cat: Just wanted to say how much I love them :heart:


they look so soft :sob: i love grey cats sm

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Soft like pudding. But I bleed af if they scratch me. And might get some infection too :grin:

Had to take a photoshooting of my very tired tiger :laughing: she is just laying around because of the hot weather we currently have here and even then, she can still looking cute :heart_eyes_cat:


This is my new cat Maali who has been with us almost half a year.
She came herself to us
I am such a cat mom :sweat_smile:


Bun doing cat yoga :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Always such a model


Haha, I guess your cat is really good at relaxing :joy_cat:

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She is so lazy. Sometimes she’d just plop on her back wherever I walk. Literally anywhere. And expect to get some belly rub - until she decides to scratch my hand. But she’s always inviting a belly rub :stuck_out_tongue: Also loves to jump on her back legs and butt her head into my palm. I can literally mash her like dough lol Suits her nickname I guess.

But when either of them sees me with food they turn into wild beasts ready to attack and I have to use some defense methods lol


Flooding the thread here but it’s just too hilarious how Maru (I’ll call her that for reference, neither has an actual name) will sometimes use my car as a playground. She’s already sniffed and explored it wherever she could reach.


I’m pretty sure I know every cat in each of the places I regularly visit by now, and there’s one to catch my attention everywhere. I saw this peculiar looking girl some time ago and I’ve been fascinated by her since. Who wouldn’t with that wiry and strangely elegant build, that tuxedo like marking and yellow observing eyes? To me a perfect Sphinx. Although I suspect severely malnourished. All that affection left me wearing furry pants though. I wonder if that means something health-wise. Now that I’ve been noticing them, I’ve been wondering how so many what seems to be purebred or very purebreed looking cats end up in the streets.

And this one I think I found before as a smaller kitten. Almost doesn’t look like a house cat.


What’s the matter with yall, its MARCH. You know what means.
wild animals getting wild, I wanna see some posts noaw


I took these because they were fighting then remembered the time of the month, these photos are moments from disaster.


No animals were harmed in taking this picture





Cute, I love demon cats :heart_eyes_cat: My cats look like this as well whenever they have their 5 minutes :joy_cat:

The ultimate trilogy


Here are my two cats :smiley:

Her name is Bella, and she is sleeping like 90% of the time lol Really cute and affectionate, but she usually has a mean mug xD

And he’s Simba, looking like and absolute potato in this pic. He’s often running through the house and jumping on the top of the wardrobe, so it’s difficult to take a picture if he’s not sleeping lol

Bonus pic of the two sleeping with one of the dogs, from a couple of months ago:


I think druids will enjoy this anime.