This thread is about cats and their purrfection. :laughing:

Show pictures/videos of pawsome cats or let us talk about cat stories. :smiley_cat:

I decided to start this topic because @araxzijk and me talked a lot about cats and my welcome thread was more a cat topic. :joy:

Here are my two cats:

Her name is Dolly. She’s a cute, little “Ragdoll”. Normally Ragdolls are bigger but she’s an exception.

And that’s Kaschmir (in english: cashmere). She belongs to the “Maine Coon” race.


You have two amazingly beautiful cats!
Beautiful pictures, too!

This is my tiny monster:

Sometimes listens to the name Mani, but it’s a cat, you can’t expect them to listen to their servants. :joy:


Thx for your picture. :star_struck: I guess all cats are tiny monster, they just do what they want. :rofl:.

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This is my cat. She is grumpy, but looks angelic here.


Haha, that’s a funny picture, somehow she looks dark but cats can’t hide their shiningness. :dizzy:

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Oh heck yes, they really do whatever they want. We serve them, not the other way around.
Makes me wonder sometimes why I have a cat to call my housemate instead of a dog… XD

That’s been mine. She’s still fine just not living with me anymore.
Her name is Shiyuu.

Oh these two different eye colors. :heart:

I love how she’s perfectly in the spotlight. xDD


Bento and Filomena



here you are!
you want a cat heaven? here it is.


ahhh 猫の女神様、pls forgive my guilty or simply, vanquish me! :rofl:

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why I thought they were like metalheads :joy: :joy: :joy:

This fine lady here named Sonia (name has nothing to do with Hizaki’s cat).


Someone turn this picture into a meme, please

Me every morning before getting up


You all have such beautiful feline creatures! :black_heart:

I rescued all my babies from the streets.

Oscar, my big vampire. He is a big cat considering he’s a mixed breed. He’s named after LUCI’FER LUSCIOUS’s cat, who in her turn named her cat after the main character in the manga The Rose of Versailles. I actually thought he was a girl before naming him :see_no_evil: He’s super sweet and chill, but DO NOT touch his belly. :joy: Adopted in November, 2013.

Daisy. She was originally named Nina and belonged to a neighbor. At the time I would change all his cats’ names just to mess with him and started calling her Daisy. Also, she was already a full-grown cat when Oscar was just a kitten. Unfortunately she used to have access to the streets and got seriously ill. I rushed her to the vet and took her in after that. Oh, she LOVES belly rubs, HATES my dogs, and completely ADORES any human being. Adopted in May, 2014.

Salim. The smallest one here. I took him in one day in June, 2015. I went to the bank on a rainy day and there he was, the poor kitty. :cry: He always follows me to the kitchen and demands that he is petted/brushed. He’s been waking me up lately to let me know that I’m lazy and that he’s hungry. :joy: He’s also super sweet, but he’s terrified of anyone he doesn’t know.

Lady Oscar. She just showed up one night and meowed until 5:30 a.m. when my husband and I finally decided to go outside and pick her up. She was originally named Vlad (after Vlad Tepes) because I thought she was male. :joy: At first I was only fostering, but once I realized she was the black female cat I had always wanted, she had to stay. I named her Lady Oscar because, well, I already have an Oscar. Adopted in November, 2019.

Some more pictures~~

I also have two dogs, the one you can see here is Morgana. :slight_smile:

Lady Oscar and Oscar taking a nap.
Lady Oscar :black_heart: :black_heart:

Salim :black_heart: :black_heart:


I love blackies! also a huge thumb-up for your kindness! :wink:

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it snowed last night and the sun is shining now, so the two orange cuties decided to enjoy the sunshine. and I just said hello to them.


just some random pics.


My cats, Pepsi and Fanta
They are mother and daughter

Some of the street cats i feed, not all have names one of the red ones is called Tata and dark one with bright brown is Princess

Another neighborhood streetcat

Also sometimes i draw cats

The cats i did draw till now, all belonged to musicians who i follow up :sweat_smile:


One of my friends actually made this when I sent it to him, ahahaha