Corona infections amongst Japanese artists

I felt like we would need an topic to add any new infections as it seems to make it’s rounds again.

After the whole of liphlich that contracted covid, we have Tatsuya of Diaura (info is from vkgy discord) and some Razor members that have it now.

Here about Razor members, if ingot that right, it was Nikki who had it at first and now IZA and Koryuu tested positive too.


Sakura (ex Dobe) apparently has it too. Ritsu from NICOLAS just recovered from it. And they’re not VK, but Shige and Akira from The Oral Cigarettes also tested positive not that long ago.

Also I’m not sure, but I think 2 members of Vivarush contracted it?


I’m pretty sure Unite.'s Mio got it recently, but he’s recovered by now.

Apparently the drummer from ZON got it and he’s quarantining at home.

Subaru from Royz has had it, and the entirety of BabyKingdom not too long ago. They all succesfully recovered though (^^)

Kane to Jusei’s drummer got it too

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now lets add xaaxaa to the list


Develop One’s Faculties yuya has it too (right after getting TONSILLITIS, poor lad), and my favorite bby Johannes too :sob:

Hiromu and Rui negative, thankfully

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According to the Plastic Tree Staff Twitter, Ryutaro was just diagnosed. He’s asymptomatic, but staying at home.


It’s reassuring that these bandmen are recovering just fine as they’re not exactly bastions of health since most are addicted to cigarettes and monster energy drinks.


One of the members of Mathilda now too.

a famous radio station in shibuya has become a cluster for corona but the president is covering it up, he even got it… I am going to try and leak it to the media… if musicians get sick because of some selfish president I think that is unforgivable. . .


What a coincidence that Mikoto-sama of ZigZag and Daishi Uehara from Wands have catched corona at the exact same time.
Was they hanging out together? :upside_down_face::laughing:

EDIT: Its the whole of ZigZag who have it, not really surprising, they did an instagram live althogether just some days ago


Kaitou Sentai Masato got it too, right after releasing Black Cherry :eyes:

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xaa-xaa have once again fell victims to covid and were forced to cancel their upcoming January events


add VARIE’s vocalist rion to the list


Kaneto Juusei’s support guitarist Hinata also came up positive recently. And so did Mei from Mama.

Mei didn’t test positive yet he’s still waiting on the test results

Half of Mama. tested positive

Mei tested negative
Kagome was negative but fever continued and the re-test showed positive
Shiyu tested positive
Api tested negative
Mana tested negative


hmm what about the uncles of VK, artists in their 40s and 50s? Has anyone in Dir En Grey gotten it? (WE MUST PROTECT SHINYA!!!)