DADAROMA members new band "THE MADNA" has formed and mini-album "Beautiful inferno" release

New band “THE MADNA” has formed

Members :
Vo. 涼太 (Ryota) (ex-バフォメット (Baphomt) → Neverland → FREAKMAN.)
Gt. 太嘉志 (Takashi) (ex-NAINE → DADAROMA)
Ba. 朋 (Tomo) (ex-Lucaria → DADAROMA)
Dr. 理緒 (Rio) (ex-GAGA → Smileberry)

their first live “ザ・ファーストリップ。” will be hold at 2012/12/26 at Shinjuku BLAZE

their first mini-album “Beautiful inferno” will be released at 2021/12/22


I have been waiting for this so long omfg!!!

Oooh that’s interesting ! Ryota was the singer of Neverland right ?!

The band’s look:


Quite happy to see Takashi and Tomo back :black_heart:

Did anyone see this coming?? Hello??? HOOOO BOY 2021 WHAT ELSE YOU GOT??

I don’t think it’s him, not the same birthday

Tomo with the wtf looks again. I’m just happy to see them back.


He follows Neverland’s twitter and other Planet Child groups, so it is him.


I am not a huge fan of ex-Neverland Vo.
It seems like they will sound like the latest DADAROMA’s songs… freaky jazzy stuff and I was not really into it
Wait and see

The visuals and concept are interesting so am expecting something a little more than generic vkei in terms of sound. So look forward to hearing what they come out with. I’m getting more of a heavy and surreal style vibe. Haha. But time will tell. :slight_smile:

here the solo promo pictures, taken from the official site


I actually never imagined them working together.
Didn’t even know ryota had anything else going on after neverland. crazy.
Anyways I am looking forward to it, as I enjoy his vocals and its nice seeing tomo and takashi back so soon too! For the drummer, well, nice he’s here too i guess! positive vibes only


Not familiar with the vocalist but the visuals are great. Happy to see Takashi and Tomo back in action since Yoshi got his new thing going too.

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I fucking love it. Neverland VO was peak of aesthetics for me

Everything about this is just PERFECT. I feel like it gonna be my favorite band ever.

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Uh oh…!


My expectations were very very high and this was very very uninspired.


The song has good parts and then they ruin it. Very bad, the dude’s voice isnt bad tho, just generic american pop punk voice