There’s no thread for them yet so I decided to create one.

They officially started activity 2007.06.05 so they celebrated their 15th anniversary just two weeks ago. In 2017 they also went major.

By now they released quite some singles (I count 20 but I’m not sure, whether all of them count es singles or like the 妄想日記 (mousou nikki) for シド’s anniversary or what that was about in 2013 belongs to this or not), 8 albums (the 9th one to be out in less than two months), a best of album that got voted for by fans, several mini albums, DVDs, a live album (including two full lives on four discs) and so on.
They had some massive output especially in 2011 with three albums released within one year, along with three singles, too.

vo. 夕霧 (Yuugiri)
gt. なお (Nao)
gt. まゆ (Mayu)
ba. Rei
dr.&pf. 風弥 (Kazami)

Most songs get composed by 風弥 (Kazami), followed by なお (Nao). Few by まゆ (Mayu) and Rei. All of them also have written lyrics even though overall that’s just exceptions and they usually get written by 夕霧 (Yuugiri).

Their style is pretty various, they have quite some beautiful ballads, some heavy songs and lot of stuff inbetween, cheesy sounding songs, jazzy influences at times and a lot more.

まゆ (Mayu) went on hiatus for almost a year in - I think - 2013/2014 (I’d need to look this up to be sure of that). Before he’d been listed second in the band but he changed positions with A (Nao) when he returned (which he gladly did).

For their 10th anniversary all of them created tiny solo projects, all of them coming up with different things. 風弥 (Kazami) is still holding on to this, back then he released two albums with piano covers of their songs, recently the fourth one of these gets or got released.

After the earthquake and tsunami in 2011 they started a project named BLUE PLANET JAPAN together with A (Ace) and FEST VAINQUEUR and created a song that got sung together with lots of other vocals and some more band members.

There’s also been Frantic EMIRY in 2010, which seemed to be their alter ego band. They only released one single.
In 2019 Frantic EMIRY returned as Frantic EMIRY~second crisis~ but except for 風弥 (Kazami) none of DaizyStripper’s members were involved.

Usually with each release they tour throughout all 47 prefectures, and also usually this gets accompanied by lots of instore events. I don’t follow other bands who do both much therefore I don’t know, if that’s still as much common practice or not however basically I always just see them being extremely busy.

まゆ (Mayu) started some fashion brand a while ago, なお (Nao) is about to start a solo project as 直 (also read as Nao) which seems to be an instrumental project. 風弥 (Kazami) is involved in tons of projects I barely can keep track with.

With all of this I wonder whether that will make them stop one day or that’s the perfect way for them to keep a balance between DaizyStripper and individual interests of the members.