deadman new live-dist. song "rabid dog" and new re-rec. album "dead reminiscence" release

it’s still so surreal that they’re back

whatever they want to release, I’m here for it


I am here was so damn good that they could re-release their entire discography and I’d snap up every release. Really excited to hear ‘rapid’ dog lol, whenever it surfaces.

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deadman live-limited Blu-ray box set, “endroll2006/endroll2023” will be released at their live on 3/20 at Shibuya club QUATTRO


Oh yeah, forgot to post about that, lol! Love how long that “teaser” is. :star_struck:

Also yeah, they could keep re-recording and re-playing their old material for all I care, everything they touch is gonna be pretty great. That said, I’m curious for that new track too~


Holy hell lunch box 2.0 is VICIOUS. Asanao killed the drums!

Moumoku was incredible in the movie preview, these guys are so obscenely talented and I cannot believe they’re still with us and doing so well. Being a vk stan is basically suffering but deadman are the one good thing that we don’t deserve


I’m confused—This already came out several months back. Is this a non-fanclub version or something?

The Blu-ray box will be available at the band’s upcoming lives if I understood it correctly.

The “new” album has any overlap with the I am Here CDs?

Interesting. My wife already bought it earlier this month. May have been released fanclub only first.

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Turns out it was “rabid dog” after all. Unfortunately.


No overlaps between the CDs!

Also awww, no more rapid doggo… :cry:

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Rapid Dog may not be gone for good. We’ll have to see what they actually print on the packaging and tag the release with.

I suppose confusing b with p is like confusing さ with ち. Easy if you’re not familiar with the language!

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“rapid dog” has a sonic the hedgehog vibe to it, I’m going to miss her x


You know, I’m just going to tag it “rapid dog” anyway, I don’t care. Rabid Dog is too Petit Barbossa; dadman needs to offer something new to the table if they’re going to cash in on the dog kei era.

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Oooo ‘8 cm single’. Hell yes.

There’s a pretty cool in-depth interview up at Visunavi about the new releases:


Even the google translated version was fun to read, thanks for linking. The new song sounds heavy/intense.

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Fuck, it sounds so good.


The intro to family is heavier than 99% of anything thats come out in recent memory. deathcore kei/8 strings/etc doesnt have shit on that. Family and lunch box sound furious, its amazing.
Mako’s vocals feel a bit pitchy on seija but maybe its just me. Can’t wait to hear it all, sounds amazing.


For sure, I can’t stress it enough how awesome this all sounds. I mean, yeah, deadman is one of my favorite bands so I’m bound to be biased, but just to hear re-recordings of old songs presented in this beautiful quality and approached with such consideration and professionalism, sounding so nostalgic yet fresh… perfection.

Things like this make me really really anticipate whether we will ever get re-recordings of the whole (half-unreleased) kein catalogue too. Keeping my fingers crossed till they fuse together. :smiling_face_with_tear: