Just a thread for Deadman appreciation. Deadman is my favorite Vkei band. From i got into vkei i noticed that most non- metal vkei groups have a similar vibe when it comes to music. Deadman was one of the first band that really broke that pattern for me and widened my horizon to other types of non-metal Vkei bands.

On a side note: I feel as though deadman should be considered a Grunge vkei-band. Mako claimed to have taken influences from Nirvana. I noticed that some of their songs gives a similar vibe to bands like Nirvana, Pixies and Soundgarden. According to Wikipedia, Deadman is also classified as Alternative rock which is very vague because there are various sub-genres under Alt rock, one of which, is Grunge.


oh yeah those kein wannabes


Mabye because they were formed by former kein members? Of course they are gonna sound similar. Why would you want to a be a group you were already in?

What if deadman and kein did a live together?



That would actually be so cool! Realistically, though, i doubt it would ever happen. They probably left for a reason.

Not sure if this was sarcasm or not, but they actually did do a live together, earlier this year! :wink:


It was indeed sarcasm but I had no idea they did that! That’s rad!

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Kein+lynch. next

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Oh yeah! I think I heard about this and forgot wwww

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Would be cool! lynch. already did a few lives with deadman, so kein would be the next logical step. :smiley: