DE/CLIO will disband

DE/CLIO will disband after their live at 2021/12/15.


I really liked these guys. I do hope they return in other projects. Definitely underrated.


Well hell. That makes the 27th breakup this year.

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-sighs angrily-

Quite a shame, I’d been playing back their singles just last week :confused:

Damn, that sucks. Didn’t they have their own music app? Hope that’ll still be around.

Guess we’ll never get an mv with those fantastic fucking outfits :sob:

Seems like Yuragi was dealing with some serious mental health issues, poor lil egg :cry:


Awesome I didn’t think I’d get to head any new songs from them, anyone know if the single they released on their app is still available?

So nice of them to post these before disbanding instead of just keeping them unreleased like most bands seem to do.

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Is the Spiral live MV unavailable in the U.S.?

edit: nvm only the embedded link comes up unavailable to me, on YT it’s fine. ANYWAY good songs both of them <3