DEVILOOF 3rd album "DYSTOPIA" announced

Since they have underscores in their name the forum tries to italicize the link instead of displaying the contents, so I copied the contents.

3rd Full Album『DYSTOPIA』


[Critical notice]
November 2021
3rd Full Album “DYSTOPIA”
Release decision.
In addition, a new band logo limited to this work is also released.


That logo implies some things. Looking forward to it.


Finally, theyre so inactive with new music its hard to care anymore

Hopefully a shirt with that logo. Toshihiro Egawa designs are legend.


The new logo is exciting. Lookin’ forward to the album!
And 2nding, I want that shit on a t-shirt asap lol

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New logo looks bangin’. Hopefully it’s indicating their musical direction for the album. :smiling_imp:

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Fuck yes to everything! Toshihiro Egawa is sick and I’m glad they’re working with him again, since his work on Oni and Devil’s Proof was great.

yes good very good kings

New Deviloof is always welcome


I remember Ray saying during a Q&A livestream that the next album would be as heavy as purge and that logo really solidifies that statement. I’m hyped


w00t, while I don’t want them to become a band that’s purely brutal as I really like their songs such as Dusky Vision and Escape, tbh I was definitely hoping for them to make something like a full length sequal to purge at some point. Also if their last two singles are anything to go by this album might have a more electronic sound to it than their previous ones. Definitely can’t wait


looking forward to it

Interesting, curious to see where this goes.

Fancy deluxe special edition details:


Damn I wish I didn’t pay over $120 for the Blu-Ray they’re making, I still might get this though

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Why now :sob: why Not end of November x—x

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For some reason it won’t take either of my credit cards …

If any of ya’ll figure out how to get it to go through, let me know. I’ve tried a bunch of times and nothing’s working.


Nah I have the same Problem. The Site tells me that’s Credit Card isn’t avaible to use.

Just wrote them over the contact site, how to order it then.
Will let you know the answer.

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Am I to assume one version is Japan only and the one in all English is for overseas or is there something different about the two pages? 『DYSTOPIA〜受注生産限定版〜」 | DEVILOOF

Waiting to get paid the 29th, and sent out a request to CDJ for Proxy just in case, not letting this slip away. Come on something belonging to Aisaku. :pray: