DEVILOOF - Dystopia

So, after listening to it twice, it’s very westernized and has no flair like their previous releases. I bought the premium edition for everything other than the album which I intended to get off of iTunes anyway, so not much of a disappointment for the bundle, but their weakest album by far.


Well I kinda see it like this aswell tho after Peer pressure i was worried it would Overall sound so bland but the outcome isbway better and I really dig it cause it Sounds even If it’s westernized was more fun and interesting.
Also Pandoras Box, Underdog, Rebellion, Libido & Immolation are bangers.

Well, I have never been a huge fan of deathcore influenced bands — and while Deviloof has some interesting approaches towards composing, all the songs were indistinguishable to me like any other deathcore band

One thing’s for sure though: it’s pretty nasty

Kanta is fantastic, composition wise its a snooze fest to me honestly besides a few high points. It took them 2 and a half years to release an album of 8 full songs. That reminds me of Seiya complaining about always being in the studio alone before he left, I guess them boys are just too lazy.

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8 songs can already be considered an album and more than one of them lasts 10 minutes

They have one 10 minute song, the album lasts 36 minutes

36 minutes for a death metal band is normal. European or American groups like Canibal Corpse, Nile or many others have albums with similar lengths. The problem in Japan is that they don’t know how to distinguish between single, mini album … I have seen groups with 5 songs call it single or like the last of Ran which are 6 songs I think I remember and call it album

I don’t know what to think about the feeling that 18 may blow this out of the water.

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Yes minimal effort is common in the western scene, but this is not the western scene.

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Already past my third listen and yeah, it’s my least favorite of theirs. I don’t understand why they had to make these tracks all lack proper structure. I can barely tell them apart too. Goujin Sangoku was also disjointed but at least it was more memorable while here I can barely recall a single tune.

“To the Hellfire” is like the most popular deathcore track rn and even this one has verses and a chorus


I definitely like it more than “Devil’s Proof” but “Oni” is still their best. Although “Newspeak” still solid as fuck and whether it’s a new track or not it is a on the album and it is certainly something original.


I think the same … I like his new album but “oni” is his best work. I’m looking forward to listening to the instrumental cd and demos of the premium edition

I certainly hope the demos end up being super raw hopefully demo isn’t just a gimmick.

it’s exactly what it says on the tin i guess, i gotta respect the dedication but i’m not sure why i’d want to listen to it again , tho i don’t think they wrote/played any of it poorly

honestly i’m just waiting for them to put out an album of 10 or so 流転s

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If its anything like their last demo you might regret wishing for that

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What was their last one?

Devils calling/Angels calling

It was just live limited not a demo. I thought maybe you meant they did more demo songs as bonus content on one of their previous albums (even though I wasn’t aware).

Duh most demos are live limited, not sure if you listened to it but it was most certainly a demo. Just remembered it wasnt even live limited it was mail order.