DEVILOOF - Everything is all lies

Music Video is out. I certainly think it is an improvement over Damn (The song).
Definitely a more coherent structure for the most part.

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so far the majoring perks i see over there are 1) whiskey deal 2) more tshirts and some other fast fashion to sell 3) having some label coin to pay off Seiya when he goes in

we will be looking at the ai-art era in embarrassment a few years down the line. i understand wanting to try new shiny things for cheap w/o hiring the effects artist to sculpt same things, but being on tokuma… they sure could at least outsource?.. like Taiwan has a cg scene and someone is always up to do things for less to put the experience in idk

anyway, clown-kei lives


Best parts of this song are



Your music is bad and you should feel bad. This is fucking awful. It’s disjointed, the styles are all over the place, no real separation or stand out moment and it all sounds like a bunch of noise. If this is all they can do without Seiya they’re fucked.


Theyre morbing


Lol it’s ok to dislike their latest outcome but theres no need to all this hating tho? This track personally isn’t my favorite of theirs in a mile isn’t terrible either to put a sentence or count their days off :sweat_smile:

I think it’s okay, it seems like they are exploring a sort of more hardcore-esque sound here and it works, i just kinda wish a little more of that “wow factor” in the writing, a bigger breakdown maybe?


Also, while I initially gave the ai-art and video tweening stuff jps were doing the benefit of the doubt as I thought it would get better over time, it’s always the same 5~10 styles & lighting over-and-over again.


Yes exactly: even when AI would have been anyway lazy (and unforgiving) they could actually have made something interesting out of it like the face mutating into monstrous “true form” but instead they decided on fucking Undertale Sans filter.


I am honestly myself a real friend of disjointed metal tracks.
I am all for sudden tempo changes for putting new energy into a metal track and make the song writing more complex.
Yet here the main problem is that there is no real interesting part going for long enough, the longest part of this track is in this uncanny valley BPM where even double tempo feels weirdly slow. And it has this weird wanna be actually a rap song vibe I hate.
The part starting at 1:53 is honestly really exciting and the rest of the track is good enough.

PS: I really wish they would have made the monk chanting a bigger part of the track because I found it charming but far too short for any real effect.

This definitely could have been a nice B-Side tough but this is not enough for an A side with PV


it’s very monotonous, it still requires some initial concept - there’s nothing really going on here, and - it might come off as a surprise - but no one really loves AI art more than people who don’t want to pay the actual price of their art demands. people tend to develop a very quick fatigue of seeing the same mashed together styles that are being churned out over and over.

kaya did a terrific job earlier this year having an idea of what to do with generated backgrounds. there was a story, symbolism, and a metaphor - no matter how superficial - this isn’t it at all.

I didn’t expect much from what looks like a 2nd pre-album single - they evidently splurged out on the major debut video - but I noticed all of the members look more VK than a video before that. I guess that realself-kei reinvention didn’t make their fans really excited for more.


I actually share your thoughts, all the points written here are what makes this track just an okay one and nothing really remarkable in their discog. It’s not absolute trash, but doesn’t hold a candle to anything in Oni for example


They’ve always sounded like that.


I haven’t been put off by any AI stuff I’ve seen so far. It’s usually pretty neat, or at least unobtrusive.


You are welcome.
(there is far worse stuff but I think it is better to stay lighthearted in this discussion)


Sorry it sucks just like their major debut single, and I really gave it an honest try.

I am not the biggest follower but I always try out their new releases. Just give up as a band. You are creatively bankrupt. Their last good song will forever most likely be that pandoras box thing on the latest album, that was sick but these recent ones? Garbage, not gonna lie.
Like some people have said even AI should be able to generate better music than this at this point.

No more whiskey, just give up or search for other bands/better projects, or start working at your local convenience stores. You got a chance with that huge Ariyoshi tv show push and even at the international market, that other bands would have killed for, and fkd up badly.


she’s a jaw shave and an elf ear implant away from being a VK star… if only she had ears…

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Song is structurally more coherent, but it still sounds like they’re slamming together riffs and trying to make them work. I’d love to hear a solo from DEVILOOF - seems like they’re trying to do anything in their power to avoid that and Terpsichore was pretty nasty - but I have to say this is an improvement over Damn (the song). If this is the best they have though, then kicking Seiya out of the band was probably a bad move.


Idk I’ma weirdo I like it.


I don’t hate it, but I also don’t like it. It’s… fine

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