DEXCORE new mini-album "-18-" release

DEXCORE new mini-album “-18-” will be released at 2021/12/22 (2 types)

Mail-order limited edition (5500yen) will include CD (9 songs “Red eye”, “Self-Hatred”, “EARTHWORM” etc. + bonus track “Self-Hatred (Vocalless ver.)”), DVD including 4 MVs + making and 20-page photobooklet

Regular edition (2750yen) will include CD (9 songs “Red eye”, “Self-Hatred”, “EARTHWORM” etc. + bonus track “Self-Hatred (Vocalless ver.)”)


What constitutes an album in 2021? Nine songs used to be an album, six used to be a mini-album and anything between four and six was an ep and of course three and less was a single. :thinking: Also, why is an instrumental of a song on the album a bonus track? Could have at least done like an acoustic or something unique, weird.


there’re no rules in VK, but typically the single is anything between 1 and 5 tracks (split in 2-3 types), a mini is between 3 and 6 tracks + optional SE, an album is 7 and onwards songs, old ones included, an EP as a release type is only done by the major bands or very western-acting indie ones.

I’d normally think 9 songs would be an album but since their first album was 17 tracks or if you count both discs 33-35 tracks 9 definitely seems like a mini album in comparison. Anyway, can’t wait, love that album art as well.

Nice, definitely gonna order regular version

Saturday’s show was awesome. An amazing setlist and EARTHWORM was really cool live. They didn’t officially announce the mini-album but Yumeto hinted that they had around 8 songs finished so we should expect something in the near future. Then they dropped this announcement the following day XD


Live digest from last week’s live is up. It would make my year if they put out the whole thing on DVD…


the serve… those live vocals, the face, the hair, the growls, there’s only one band qualified to talk about essence right now… dymlym can go :zzz:


I don’t think Japanese bands seem to have much grasp on this these days. Haha. Trident put out a three song EP so at this point anything goes I think. Lol.

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They obviously have the footage so there’s not much reason not to, maybe they’ll announce it at the tour final.

Why cant kagami just do brain washing properly, the silent part is so awkward imo

Yeah I saw someone mention that the other day and as soon as it happen I was like “Wow, they really do stand there for like ten seconds in silence.” It kind of takes you out of the experience for a split second.

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To be fair the re-recording also just has silence during the breakdown. Personally I prefer that brutal guttural from the original but…
Also for the record Kagami mentioned on Twitter that he liked the way some people decided to stomp their feet during that part, so when a bunch of us did it (you can hear it in the clip) it was so awkwardly hilarious that Yumeto was cracking up XD


I really don’t understand why they made those changes either. Really prefer the original over the re recorded version.

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They pulling a Diru and destroying their past work.

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Have they ever released a making of DVD before?

Hello, based department?
It would be a tragedy not to have this on an official release.

Am I crazy in thinking they’re making a documentary DVD?

They published tracklist to their mini album

  1. 18
  2. Red eye (Album Ver.)
  4. Who’s fault?
  5. SE ~ Self-Hatred ~
  6. Self-Hatred
  7. One day
  8. Living hell
  9. 20
    Bonus track. Self-Hatred (Instrumental)


I sense a grammar mistake