DEXCORE new mini-album "-18-" release


Oh wow :OOOOOO I really can’t wait!

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No new song preview yet. This is a must preorder anyways :smiley:

Looks like there’s only 3 new songs but it would be a nice surprise if 18 and 20 turned out not to be just SE tracks.

Almost guaranteed to be.

Could be more features we don’t know about since they dropped MAKITO’s name from this version of Earthworm.

I wonder why they’re so into self-hatred, three songs derived from that one song.

Haha who is fault though?? Maybe that is the question. XD

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Well the SE is presumably the intro track they’ve been using live which is a nice inclusion for fans who’ve seen them recently. The instrumental is an interesting call though - I thought it would have been fun to have 9 tracks and then the instrumentals for all of them (thus being 18).
As for dropping MAKITO’s name from EARTHWORM, I hadn’t noticed that but it might just be for aesthetic purposes (fitting the tracklist on that promo).


Makes sense when you put it that way. Probably the case.

Wonder if EARTHWORM will be a feature less version.

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