Vo.架神 -kagami-
Gt.梦斗 -yumeto-
Ba.会 -kai-
Dr.伶司 -reizi-


[METEMPSYCHOSIS.] (Red/White/Blue Variations) (09.30.2021)


Self-Hatred (07.02.2021)

Red eye (05.22.2021
DRAGOUT. (02.07.2020)

DON’T BE AFRAID (09.11.2020)

Collapse (05.27.2020)

Brain Washing 2nd Press (02.28.2019)

Brain Washing (11.14.2018)

NEW ERA (06.27.2018)

BLACK PIG (04.04.2018)

Imitation (12.13.2017)

The Dead Sea (12.24.2016)

Hunger (11.28.2016)


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V系ボーカリストが Wage War / Stitch を本気で 1人カバーしてみた。 - YouTube
neon tetra. - YouTube
CYNTHIA. - YouTube
DEXCORE - [METEMPSYCHOSIS.] (Drum Playthrough) - YouTube
DEXCORE - U.N.Know(Guitar Playthrough) - YouTube


The discography is missing their 月9コア album 19399942_333726573724813_5382397899859947942_n
and their split with NAZARE


I was too busy at the time to care about omnibus and a YouTube album.

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Does anyone have the EXTRA edition of Metempsychosis and if so how is that deluxe 60ish page booklet? I’m literally thinking of getting it just for that and the other stuff that comes with it.

If you’re a big fan and you don’t own any versions of the album yet, I recommend it. You can find second-hand copies on Mercari at a much more reasonable price these days too.

In terms of the bonus stuff, the main thing is an unreleased song (and music video) called 造花 (zouka) that you can view on their website using a special code included in the EXTRA edition. The packaging and booklet are nice but the booklet is pretty much just the lyrics and a handful of photos. Also there’s no translation for the re-recorded tracks, just the first disc.

Otherwise it depends on your Japanese skill - there’s a lengthy 3-part video you can also watch on their website where they go into detail about each song on the album, but of course that’s only in Japanese.


Thank you, I’ll probably just get 18 extra then.

I just noticed, did they not play any new songs at that show?

No, just the latest 3 singles.

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For anyone interested, I asked Kagami about this title and it’s short for ‘defective product’ (I deduced this from the chorus 不良品 and he confirmed it on an IG live).


I noticed it’s called 「造花 [2020]」 is their another version?

Not so far. I think they planned to release the music video publicly this year (just speculation) but the time limit for the EXTRA edition has been extended until next September so you might have to wait until after then.

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You mean like people who own EXTRA will get another access code? Sorry I confused about what you’re saying.

People with EXTRA can watch the video for 造花 until 9/30/2020. After that it will presumably become unavailable so either they will release it publicly or it will remain a limited song.

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Seems as though you’re right, unless there’s a miscommunication it should be released publicly after advance viewing. From Waltz-Store description:

:warning:Music Video「造花 [2020]」、一般公開に先立ち通販限定盤購入者さまだけにお楽しみいただける先行ビューイングです。(先行視聴期間は2022年9月30日(金)20:00までとなります。)

:warning: Music Video “Artificial Flower [2020]” is a pre-viewing that can only be enjoyed by mail-order limited edition purchasers prior to its release to the public. (The advance viewing period will be until 20:00 on September 30, 2022 (Friday).)

The initial preview date was September this year iirc, but they extended it until next year (I guess not enough people splashed out on the EXTRA edition). Still not sure why they put 2020 in the title though since the others were all re-recordings.

Interested by the setlist from yesterday, at the end it says ‘Special Screening’ which would suggest that 20 is actually a full song and that it has a music video…

2021.11.26(Fri) 赤羽ReNY alpha
DEXCORE Presents
Thank you !


— DEXCORE (@dexcore_info) November 27, 2021
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If “20” is a full song maybe “18” is too. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

they have clearly marked the only album SE as such though??

I expect all other tracks to be normal, regular songs, not some electronic bgm fluff

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