DEZERT major debut + new album "The Heart Tree" release

DEZERT will make their major debut under Nippon Crown and will release their first major album in January. They will also perform at Nippon Budokan. Details tba…


I thought they went major a long time ago…


Same here, haha. Maybe it was just a case of a major label distributing their releases, but them technically not being signed to it? idk…

Anyway, good for them! :slight_smile:


The way no one cares because DEZERT have sounded like a major band for the past 5+ years. No lower for them to go musically, so good on them for the cheque!


Eurmahgueurd! Shrieks like a girl
These guys are one of my faves. Good on 'em. There’s been a whole rash of these signings recently. Maybe this marks the start of a new major VK era?!


Interesting, I also thought they went major right around the time their releases became so soft

Last couple of releases were on Maverick, a subsidiary of Danger Crue, which is a big label but still an indie. They’re distributed by Sony, there’s your major connection.


Mann if Sony is involved I hope we get vinyls :sob:

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DEZERT will release their first major album on January 10th 2024, titled “The Heart Tree”.

There will be 2 editions available for purchase:

Regular (includes the CD):

  1. Hopeless
  2. 君の脊髄が踊る頃に (Album Mix)
  3. 羊は死刑台で笑えるか?
  4. 楽園
  5. 僕等の夜について
  6. モンテーニュの黒い朝食 (Album Mix)
  7. 生活
  8. 延命ピエロ
  9. 「誰にも渡しちゃいけない場所を心と名づけ」 (Album Mix)
  10. The Heart Tree
  11. The Walker (Album Mix)
  12. 匿名の神様
  13. 再教育 (Album Mix)
  14. ともだちの詩

Luxury (includes the CD, a Blu-ray, and a 64 page booklet):
The Blu-ray is from the “DEZERT SPECIAL LIVE 2023 -DEZERT-” 2023.09.23 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA. Setlist:

  1. 君の脊髄が踊る頃に
  2. 再教育
  3. 胃潰瘍とルソーの錯覚
  4. Sister
  5. ともだちの詩
  6. モンテーニュの黒い朝食
  7. infection
  8. Dark In Black Hole
  9. 眩暈
  10. 感染少女
  11. 肋骨少女
  12. 「君の子宮を触る」
  13. 「遺書。」
  14. 僕等の夜について
  15. ミザリィレインボウ
  16. The Heart Tree
  17. 「殺意」
  18. 「秘密」
  19. TODAY
  20. 「切断」

Details and links for pre-order:

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Beautiful cover. Really looking forward to this.

Anybody know where this song 「誰にも渡しちゃいけない場所を心と名づけ」 (Album Mix) was originally released?

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It was distributed for free during their short 2023 January tour.

(this might be a sample from it, or just a general teaser idk)


Congrats to DEZERT!

My 2023 prediction for visual kei bands signing to major labels is coming true.

Ever since Eli Manning and the Giants won against the Patriots at the super bowl in 2007 or 2008,My predictions are often correct. :rofl: :sunglasses: