Die (DIR EN GREY) got COVID-19


After Shinya (LUNA SEA), NOW Die.
Hope ossan will get fast recovery :cry::cry:


Well I’m glad it says he’s at least not suffering of any of the typical symptoms so lets hope for a speedy recovery

I wonder how long it’s been known that he has it. A few days would feel like nothing, but longer he could develop symptoms. Either way, I wish him well. :pleading_face:

We should make thread maybe for musicians that catched covid. With the numbers growing i am sure more will catch it.

Shinya catched it, Mikage, now Die
It’s gonna be more and i hope we won’t loose anyone (minus Kisaki i wouldn’t mind we would loose him)

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If Die already had symptoms for a week, then I’m trurly worried. But like the news says, he’s following healthcare instructions. So that increases chance of recovery.

Get well, Die!

It’s good that he’s found medical help before he starts experiencing the worst of it. He’s tough, I bet he will get through this no problem! Stay strong, DIE!

Let’s not. I’m already depressed enough as it is.


Oh noes! Don’t die!


Get well, Die!

I mean, don’t!

(I know, I know… spare me… :sweat_smile: )


What a great way to start 2021.

He’ll be fine. He’s been Die(d) for like 40+ years.


Someone knows what he said in the last stream? I can’t find it, and don’t understand Japanese (oops). Die said he’s fine and in very good form in his blog, but dunno. He looked fine tho

That’s part of the problem with this virus. It remains dormant for several weeks before manifesting symptoms, and during that time, the person is contagious.

This is why hand-washing, sanitising, and proper use of masks has been drilled into our skulls for the past nine months. Even if someone looks fine, they should always be treated as though they’re infected.


Die’s PCR test is now negative.


Awesome news, knew he could beat it!


This is a good news to him, the band and the fans!
Hope everything will go well for him and DIR EN GREY!

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That was quick.

… not that I’m complaining.

wonderful news!!!

I mentioned this on Instagram a week ago but as long as is he doing lately, I hope he is staying strong and healthy!

How can this be? The news was just announced today.