DIR EN GREY - The Devil In Me

The kids in the children’s choir grew up. It wouldn’t sound the same.


The best thing about remakes that are more-or-less the same is that those old songs get played live again, if only for one tour. Hearing Fukai, Ash, and Wake back-to-back in 2018 was crazy. And of course Akuro no Oka on the recent tour was spellbinding.

For the record, even though I do like their experimental remakes, Kiri to Mayu is too far gone even for me.

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Since they seem to be doing two remakes per single now, a good compromise would be doing “one for us, one for the fans”

Do whatever crazy dumb shit they want in one song, do an note-for-note update in the other

But tbh, I want more Acustics and Symphonic Versions. Ruten no Tou acustic is one of my absolute favorites of their whole discography

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I like their acoustic and unplugged remixes too so long as Kyo removes harsh vocals if the original song has them. They haven’t managed to pull it off yet and I don’t think they ever will.

Juuyoku and Ruten no Tou’s acoustics slap. Such a unique experience but it fits. They removed the harsh vocals from Dozing Green, which also slaps.

This is my favorite from the album and recently got voted best song on the album on reddit (Ochita got voted worst). They must’ve not believed in its potential as a single. 13 would have been great as a single.


juuyoku is probably my favorite acoustic version they’ve done. it’s just fun

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Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if the files containing the AATD choir are just long lost. Always kinda wondered if there is an archive kept somewhere of all the old stems and videos used for live shows and all that.

You can always isolate them if you wanted. Whether it was good enough to use idk

Really agree with you on Ochita, that is not single material. That is a regular just okay album track. I can understand Utafumi tho even if its like a 6/10 song, it kind of has that “single feeling” if you get what I mean - starts out with a bang and has a pretty good chorus. The PV is also pretty sick.
The Devil in Me is definitely not single material, same category as Ochita.

Thinking about other ones… 19990120 is just boring and way too safe. Those songs should have been bonus tracks on an album, maybe a special edition album that they love to make and sell at crazy prices. Oboro is perfectly fine as a single, its imo one of their better choruses in recent years. World of Mercy is an album track for me, I personally always found it a bit boring to be honest. If you are gonna make a long ass track you need to make it more memorable… Or I misunderstood it.

Ningen wo Kaburu is not the best song out there but again like with Utafumi, it feels like a single with a catchy chorus. Sustain the Untruth I never really cared for and has a generic sound.
Their last really fking good single is probably Rinkaku, 12 years ago. Different Sense is also another really good song - I wonder if DeG wasn’t like peaking as a band around the time this song came out. Saku is another fantastic single, maybe one of their best. Full power and a really strong catchy chorus.

Well that was some rambling, but it would be interesting to hear what you guys think.

It’s just something unfathomable that songs with the most A-side potential have been (almost always) shelved by the Dir boys and/or their management as mere B-sides since Rinkaku (imho “Followers” and “13” would’ve made the best A-sides afterwards, with “Otogi” serving as a Ranunculus-like representative PV song).

I wasn’t too happy about the way how they recorded this whole single. Expecting this to be the Ochita of their next album.

Personally, i found The Word of Mercy really excellent and the PV is crazy too. One of my favorites by them, recently. However, the last single which marked me the most is Oboro. There’s all the essence of DEG and a strong chorus.


13 should definitely have been the pv and single instead of ochita, and the lead track of the new album. Not perfume. It’s seriously one of their best songs ever. Damn that climax chorus towards the end, sends shivers down my spine every time!


I’ll for sure give it another chance!

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Yep! And watch again the PV too, he brings a real thickness at The World of Mercy.

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Song is a grower. Hearing it a lot since release, and I’m much more found of it now. I see their dark and twisted worldview


I actually really like this song and 100% disagree about it not being single worthy. Have listened to the song a handful of times and keep hearing new things in all the layers. For me it’s really interesting musically, catchy and has a dark brooding vibe, definitely making it into my DeG playlist. Haha.


The Blu-ray that comes with the deluxe edition is damned awesome.

ZOMBOID :heart: 脈 Myaku :heart: HADES :heart:

One weird thing - Kyo has a Peter Gabriel-style anti-mohawk in this concert. During Byou Shin, he seems to lose the left half of his hair. Doesn’t really look like he combed it over; it’s just gone. Wondering if he went fully bald and the glue died so he ripped it off. I could be wrong.


Haha yeah i noticed this as well. Guessing it is as you say and its not real hair and just came off.

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