DIR EN GREY to release new single "朧" ("Oboro") in Spring 2021


I’m hype tbh. This should be great.

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Yes!!! Also amazing news. Hoping for a full album in 2021 too

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I can’t wait !

Feeling like this is gonna be br00tal.

I really liked the last one. Feeling cautiously optimistic

This is by far the best news for 2021!
I am really hyped!

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The last single was fire, you can bet that I’m hyped for this one now


I’ll only give them money for this if there’s a physical CD edition. Fuck iTunes.

‘Spring 2021’ could be any time between the 20th of March and the 21st of June.

Looking forward to this. Although I am really itching for that next full-length album.

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Well, they didn´t specify it´ll be a digital release (compared to the announcement of Ochita). So, maybe they´ll return to the usual 3/4 edition format?

Although, I´m not sure what to expect. Ochita disappointed me a bit and I fear that they´ll ditch TIW´s energy and aggression. But we´ll see.


I wouldn’t worry just yet. TIW singles didn’t really represent the album well and that could be the situation here again.


Really enjoyed the 2 last singles, I’m pretty sure this one will be good as well if it follows the same sound ^^

Great news! Cant wait for some previews:)

How exciting! Starting the new year just right. This will set the mood for the rest of the year for me :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

really hyped as i fully enjoyed the last 2 singles

Excited for this

Official artwork:



Ngl you got me there for a moment lol

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This is both my headcanon and expectations regarding this single.

Lost in Thoughts All Alone intensifies

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