Kyo randomly sending Blossoming Beelzebub’s vocal track through email


lmao I can picture that happening

Pretty sure they still do that exact same thing

Wasn’t DSS actually rerecorded? I think they’ve completed the album but then Fukushima happened and they decided to change stuff thanks to it.

I wonder if they were to rerecord Agitated Screams of Maggots if it might sound something like this? Haven’t heard Kyo do the bubble blowing vocals yet I don’t think.

That sounds horrible tbh

Didnt he tried singing it like that during the UROBOROS era?

there’s a TIW track with underwater distortion effect (which UNDER FALL JUSTICE did better 5 years before that x) but this… was a piece of work

I hope their next album has an opening song titled『PROLEGOMENON』:sob:

I found it in a thesaurus and it immediately reminded me of daddy kyo and his latinus kink!!!

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…I fear that’s how Yokusou was made (after all, Kyo somehow wrote that song).

Reminds me of the clip of Kyo telling Die which chords to play in Sajou no Uta by pointing when he hears the ones he likes.

Trying to ignore the glaring LEGO MEN in the middle.


I keep reading it as PRO LEG OM NOM NOM. looks like we’re damaged in really different ways :sob:


this is the closest you’ll get to that sound

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There’s something to be said for enunciation with harsh vocals. I know the words by heart and I can barely make out what this dude is saying.

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Kyo looked like every syllable was causing him internal injuries

Wasnt he really pissed off during this live because of all the sound issues?

I’m still trying to wrap around my head the fact that they did WACKEN, twice.

But then, MUCC also played in 2005, but on the larger than appropriate small tent stage.

I witnessed the Wacken 2011 live and was indeed the worst sound I ever heard. The poor sound technician got like a 60 minute death stare from Kyo. :sweat_smile:

@TAAVI Unbelievable right? D’espairsray also had a show in 2006. The Wacken bookers had a good taste back then. Sadly DIR EN GREY was the last Japanese band they booked (apart from the Metal Battle bands and Lovebites in 2018).

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it was the first European tour of MUCC… What an amazing memory.

I went to see them in Paris at " la Locomotive " … I was 15 years old and the concert was an absolute life revelation, never felt so alive then before.

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At least they were interracting IRL. I can’t imagine this routine working well when just sending everyone’s parts over email (if that’s how they worked on DSS). And we should believe that Kyo somehow composed Yokusou…

Well, I read this rumor somewhere a couple years ago that they don’t really get along with each other, they’re more like co-workers than friends supposedly, so I guess that makes it easier for them?(if they really don’t particularly like each other)

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