“God Death Speed” seems to be an assumption but sources around say even Dir themselves do not remember what it stands for anymore :person_shrugging:

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Hahaha ffs… how can they forget their own song title?! Haha.

Idk actually, I only know the rumor (?) that G.D.S. was originally called “audience KILLER LOOP”. Not sure if that’s correct though.

I’ve literally forgotten the opening riff of a song I wrote 2 seconds before being about to play it on stage in front of an audience lmao. Half of the songs my band has kept the working titles after lyrics were written cuz it was easier for us to remember

After doing something for so long, and probably having a million different ideas constantly floating around, I would believe forgetting the reason or meaning behind a title to a song

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“God Damn Shit”

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Yeah but not the title itself :rofl:

“good direngrey song”


It doesn’t mean “God. Death. Speed.”, that’s just an example of how the title was formed. Basically, they came up with various words and picked three of those. Those three are what “G.D.S.” is short for.

But they forgor :skull:

Oh yeah and fun fact: As there’s no other studio audio of the song except for the one that goes into Shokubeni, it’s actually unknown how it’s supposed to end.

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How do you know? What’s the source for this?

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German Dream Source


Sounds like a vaporwave tinged punk band. Love it.

Gundam Dance Space, totally it.

Yeah… I’m just gonna assume that’s just a rumor then, I have a LOT of trouble believing they just forgot the title of their own music.

Yes, you’re right, I just made it up for no reason other than to lie to someone on the internet about a very specific topic that has no actual weight on anyone, while me lying about it would jeopardize my good name and the people’s trust in my wiki.


That’s actually pretty interesting, never thought about that before… Guess we’ll never know the mysteries behind this tune. :confused:

Wasn’t it the opposite? That before VULGAR was released, fans thought audience KILLER LOOP was going to be the SE that became G.D.S.? Because, you know, that SE is a ‘killer loop’ that gets played in front of an ‘audience’?

I honestly have no idea.

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