Hope you all enjoy it!


Isnt this basically the bonus CD that comes with DSS??

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Welcome here, really enjoy your guitar covers!

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When “Rinkaku” single was released, the only official release was AMON, and I programmed all the songs myself at that time.
Later, as a bonus CD of “DSS at Budokan”, several songs had official releases, so I replaced a few of the released songs with official sources.
Please see the video overview section for more details.


Kudos for the efforts, thats mad.

It fell through. The song that was supposed to be used was Ochita~, Kaoru mentions it in the booklet of PHALARIS.


Most of you might have heard of the “Vkei-tte shitteru?” event that took place at Budokan today. There was a DIR EN GREY tribute session band and…they covered I’ll and ZAN lol


Yeah. They did the “baka~” thingy. But they messed up the cover, I think.

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just realized Die made an Instagram as well not too long ago…what a beautiful man.


from @rpg_96

I know this may be a fairly arbitrary sort of question but watching the dvd/blu ray that comes with Phalaris (which has an epic setlist btw!) Noticed in devote my life an image pops up once or twice thats been censored. Anyone any ideas what this would be? After all the imagery dir have had in music videos/live projections etc… that there is something their team still feel a need to censor something. My guess is some nudity rather than something gorey/macabre? Wondering if anyone saw them around this time and has some recollection of the moment.

It’s the Olympic Rings. They would’ve had to get permission to use them. I explained it here:

I did not see the previous explanation. But cheers for clearing that up. I guessed itd be something a little more interesting but is obvious why thatd need to be censored.

Do you think dir en gray will get something out this year? Archemi’s separation really devastated me a lot, I think I really want them to release something Phalaris I loved it to the point of putting their rhythm in one of my alarm tones

@Ransses I moved your post to the DIR EN GREY artist thread. Please do not create an unnecessary new topic if you can simply post in an existing thread.

Would guess they take a break for 1-2-3 years now.

Since Uroboros, they’ve been putting albums every 3-4 years. If you talk about a new album I wouldn’t expect it earlier than 2025.

Kaoru mentioned that they might record new stuff before the next tour starts.

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If they’re going to release another album, I don’t think the gap will be as long as it’s been. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking - but it doesn’t seem like they’re winding down yet, and I’m sure they know they aren’t getting younger.

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idt it would be that long.

I’m under impression kyo writes sukekiyo things more or less fulltime, Deg plan and work on their stuff mostly when they aren’t touring, and I don’t see petit bulbasaur releasing another full length for a very long time, if at all.

I think they’ll release next single come september, or they’ll go for another self-cover mini with a single lead track, in that case my guess is it would drop around next march.

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