Wake me up when they announce the La:Sadie’s revival.


Do we know if the song performed was the original version of Sangeki no Yoru with the original instrumentation, pre-MISSA lyrics, and no cookie monster vocals?

It was Sangeki no Yoru. Kiri to Mayu has only ever been performed live in 1997.

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It just occurred to me that the JEALOUS single will be 25 years old in just a few days (10th May 1998).
The pre-release was on 5th May 1998, which is the same date they performed the song again this year.

Something to bear in mind for the future: -I’ll- was released on 12th August 1998.

To be fair this is one thing Ive always liked about DeG is despite having staple songs they do pull quite a few surprises out from time to time! I remember seeing them at the disastrous electric ballroom shiw which actually ended uo being great as despite the issues they just came out with a totally new setlist to suit the situation. Fucking incredible that they have such a backlog to fall back on and be able to pull the songs off perfectly on a whim.


Out of curiosity, what Japanese forums do you look at? I can never seem to find anything in Japanese! Only tanuki!

Haha great clip. Not as good as Kyo randomly walking about in the background during some interview or him dropping his mic at the London show. Kaoru throwing his guitar in France was pretty special too.

Speaking of, some of you may be able to help me. I have memories of clips from DVDs that for some reason ive never been able to find again despite watching each DVD/Bluray i own (which is most of them). Does anyone remember what dvd these clips are from??

  • Kaoru throwing his guitar in the audience at the end of the gig? I think this also featured a tiny clip where he goes to grab picks off his mic stand to throw but isnt looking and doesnt realise he’s grabbing air… haha

  • The boys being done up in Zombie make up (similar to one of the music videos at the time, cant remember which song though) and playing a set like that for a Halloween gig. I think the DVD only featured a few songs as an extra though.

I watch random DirVDs once in a while snd some reason never seem to have found these moments again. Haha.

The Zombie gig is featured on the TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol.1 [Europe & Japan] DVD/Blu Ray.

For the guitar throwing thing: Sounds like something in the Gauze era? So maybe on the Osaka Jou Hall DVD? But I‘m not sure about that.

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The zombie video is DIFFERENT SENSE.
They performed dressed in a similar way on 13th September 2011 at CLUB CITTA, Kawasaki, Japan.
The show was called “Ratio ducat, non fortuna -Zombie-”. Click the link for the setlist.
About half the concert is on AGE QUOD AGIS Vol.1 as stated above.

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Cheers for the tips guys! Will have to make sure to revisit that one for sure then! The guitar throwing thing was actually a more recent one, i feel it was during or just after the “from depression to…” tours.


As much as I don’t care about Megadeth, or even really thrash metal in general, I have to admit Marty is one of the best guitar players to grace the genre. And every single thing I know about him leads me to believe he’s a humble dude with a genuine love for basically all kinds of music, and appreciates art just for art’s sake. Really cool to see he likes my favorite band lol


Yeah, I remember him saying he left Megadeth basically because he was more into pop music. :laughing:



You love to see it.

The lack of actual mics on his kit always makes me kind of sad. I think they only use overheads and a kick mic for him live, everything else is solely triggers

You’re a good drummer Shinya. All you gotta do is practice and you won’t neeeeeed this shit

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They are mics on every toms and snare, they need it to do his triggers. But yes, like most bands nowadays, they overuse triggers

Yo everybody! Just started work on a project ive been wanting to do for some time… Im going to rip all the dvds/blurays (hopefully blu rays work, only done dvds so far) into audio files for listening on the move! Im using free software and MP3 is the only option but so far everything has sounded good enough to me. Just wondering who else may be interested in these when done??

Files rip as one big long audio file so going to have to splice these down into individual tracks at a later point as well, so considering the amount of live stuff they have this is a monumental task and wont be done overnight. Haha.