why does this cover need to be so good aaah!
I aren’t willing to pay 10.000 Yen for this but this looks so good.

Apparently , not the cover of Kasumi by Shinya


It’s sold out by the way

Dada is working for Free Will?! Did I read that right?!!

That is wild!

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Is it really a cover if it’s played by the guy who (presumably) wrote the part?

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…Well, no :sweat_smile:
Although, it depends on if he replicated every drum part 100% (since he’s prone to simplyfing some studio parts when performing live)

It’s nice that he’s sharing more. Do any of the other members have channels like this? I know Toshiya started an Instagram recently.

It’s pretty much note for note what’s on the studio version. Live I feel like he focuses more on looking cool and preserving his energy.


What I find so interesting about this is that he’s not even trying to make it seem like the video is where the audio is coming from.

There isn’t a single mic on that kit. I don’t even see trigger modules (and you’d still need overheads or spot mics on the cymbals even if you’re triggering the shells). So either he re-recorded the drums again and put that audio over the song, and is doing a play-along to that; OR he has the stems of the recording and bumped up the drum stem’s volume, and is just doing a play-along to the original recording like that. Either way, the performance we’re hearing is not the one we’re seeing.


Was gonna say something like this but last time I said something critical of Shinya someone flagged me, lmao


That’s sad :confused:
I don’t even really see it as much of a criticism. I know he can play, he’s a great drummer with a lot of creativity when he applies himself. It just seems silly to mime it like this to me lol

Kaoru has a podcast-like/vlog thing with other guys that I´ve never seen before, but I´m guessing they´re from the music industry too, I don´t know much about it because all the info is in japanese but it´s called “TheThe Day” I haven´t been able to find any episodes in english yet. Kyo has an official YouTube channel but he mainly used it to promote sukekiyo stuff and hasn´t uploaded shit in like 6 years, it probably wasn´t even run by him. Lastly, last I checked their website Die and Kyo seemed to have like a mobile app thing were they blogged stuff from their daily life, kinda like Twitter I guess, but it was available only in Japan, you had to pay for it and I saw it looong ago so maybe it doesn´t even exist anymore.
Those are all of their social media-esque projects I know about, there´s also Kyo´s instagram but you probably already knew about it.

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“TheThe Day” is his personal blog. That podcast thing is called “Freedom of Expression”


Yup. Seems he likes going out for coffee and building Gundams. Good for him, I say.

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Hahaha I thought the same thing, more a playthrough than a cover?

It’s totally true the audio doesn’t come from the video we see.
I work as a sound engineer and I can guarantee you he didn’t record the sound you hear. The drums sound come from a MIDI file that was very quickly programmed with VST ( a virtual instrument ).

For me it’s ok to do this but considering it’s Shinya from Dir en grey… It’s a bit disapointing. I was expecting a real recording.

As for programming the drums, If he wants to do it he should spend more time to make it sound more " human ". Here you can feel it’s a very robotic feel.

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Probably the same sound set he used when they recorded the Unraveling EP. The drums on that recording (as well as Arche) have a MIDI quality to them.

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It’s possible Unraveling and Arche used a VST drums I’m not sure.

It’s also possible they really record it and trigger each parts of the drum set. It means the mixing engineer replaced each elements by a sample ( Kick, snares, toms ) so in the end it become more flat because each hits are almost at same intensity.

Personally I feel the drums sound of ’ Oboro ’ is probably the best they ever had, natural, powerful and big