Dream collaborations

Pretty simple what Artist(s) would you like to see collaborate be it live performance, an actual release, or even just produce something for another band/artist.

For me it’s Mike Patton and Kyo from Dir en Grey. These are my two favorite musicians and I would love to see them produce material together in any way, shape, form, or fashion. This is my absolute wet dream.

What are some of yours?


Good idea for thread! One time I told my friend I want an Adele feature on a Sukekiyo ballad, and this dumb idea has lived rent-free in my head ever since.

For something more plausible, I would love a Sukekiyo x Cali Gari single, especially with how much I liked the latter’s collab tracks with deadman. I think Sukekiyo’s new direction would mesh very well with Cali Gari’s New Wave leanings. Shuuji did a remix on Immortalis, so I guess it could happen (even something with Goatbed, maybe?)

I also occasionally pine for Galneryus to make an album with SHO as well as Yama-B, but I know this won’t happen.


Maria Cross on vocals and Yoshiki on piano


Feat Oli London, please

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I would like to see Jin and Kyo doing something together. They both have similar leaning when it comes to emotion so I think they could be very interesting to see.

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You mean Jin form ARTiCLEAR?

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Yes, that’s him

The duets would be legendary.

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Sakurai Atsushi (Buck-Tick) – vocals
Hiro (La’cryma Christi) – guitar
Yuana (Kagerou) – guitar
Toshiya (Dir en grey) – bass
Mika (Sukekiyo) – drums

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So you want a super band. Nice choices BTW.

Just a heads up because this thread exists

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I was intending this thread to be more general. Specifically I was hoping to see more non Japanese with Japanese artists. Not vk or super bands specifically.

I want to see what would happen if Mikael Åkerfeldt and Mirai Kawashima collaborated.

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Opeth and Sigh now that’s what I was looking for. That would be fucking genius.

I’m not even entirely sure I could handle the results.

Oh okay, sorry. In that case, since Petit Brabancon is blowing up and they are pretty numetal in concept I would like to see some big numetal stars playing or singing with them. Maybe Chino Moreno or Jonathan Davis doing some featuring vocals.
Or I would like to see a switch up of bands, like Tatsurou from MUCC doing vocals in Korn.


Deftones and Korn are my absolute favorite Nu-metal. This would be spectacular. Very good idea.

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Bunyós Pityu x Sawano Hiroyuki

I’d love to see some Jpop stars like Hiroomi Tosaka or Exile Shokichi collab with VK bands.

I mean Shokichi participated on a song with sukekiyo, which is cool and i’d love
e to see more of thst kind of stuff

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draw the emotional rising from their grave and making a song with Sho as vocalist.