Form a VK super-band with your favourites, without using any logic

So basically form a super-band of your favourite musicians, no logic or anything just throw in your favourite vocalist with your favourite guitarist etc and see what mess would form
Heres mine:

Vocal. Kyo (Dir en grey)
Gt. Leda (DELUHI)
Ba. Koichi (Mejibray)
Dr. Issei (NAZARE)


Vo. Ryutaro Arimura (Plastic Tree)
Gt. Mana (Moi Dix Mois)
B. Kenjiro Murai (Cali Gari)
Dr. Kami (Malice Mizer)

Playing a mix of New Wave Alt Rock Gothic Metal, Plastic Dix Cali Mizer will certainly be a unique addition to the VK scene


Difficult to chose but it would be something like :

Vocal. Hazuki (lynch.)
Gt. Karyu (D’espairsRay)
Ba. Reita (the GazettE)
Dr. Nero (MERRY)

It will be a fantastic band, in terms of skill but style too !

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Vocal: Taa
Sub-Vocal: Kaya, Kamjio, Juka
Guitar 1: Hizaki
Guitar 2: Tak
Bass: Koiichi
Drums: Yuki
Piano: Yoshiki
Keyboard/Synthesizers: Kisaki
Violin: Sugizo
Dance Team: My Dragon


Vocals: Karma (Avelcain)
Guitar: Leda (DELUHI)
Drums: Sujk (DELUHI)
Bass: Boogie (JILUKA)

i think the only one out of place here is karma lol


Mines always changes but i got four lines up for this topic my list is weird. Idk i did this list before many times its alwasy different every time. Idk why. lol

Vocals: Otogi (Ex-Awoi)
Guitar: Shou (Ex- Awoi)
Guitar: Rey (Libravel)
Bass: Koichi (Ex- Mejibray)
Drums: Kyo (The thirteen, Ex- Awoi)

Vocals: Yuri (Ex-Signal)
Guitarist: Shiniya (Ex- Signal, D.I.D)
Bass: Tomoe (Ex- DiSPiИA, Jigsaw)
Drums: Yusuke (Ex- Dadaroma)

Vocals: Yuuki (Ex- Lustknot)
Guitarist: MIYA (MUCC)
Guitar: SAN (Ex- BFN, Lack-CO)
Bass: Kifumi (Ex- Born)
Drums: Kei (Ex- Sadie)

Vocals: Ice (Ex- BFN)
Guitar: KAZ (Ex- VII-sense)
Guitarist: Retsu (DIMLIM)
Bass: Yuki (Archemi.)
Drum: Korey (Ex- Fixer, Signal)

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vocals: gin (gyakushuunojisakujienya)
bass: kikasa (dué le quartz)
leadguitar: mia (mejibray)
rythm guitar: yoshi (zin /yusai)
drums: saku (zin/yusai)

all from great bands that disbanded

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Vo. Mio (Nazare)
Gt. Hizaki (ex. Versailles, Jupiter)
Rt gt. Ray (Deviloof)
Ba. B5 (Choke)
Dr. Ryohei (ex. The Black Swan, Dadaroma)

Just some of my favourites. Hizaki is out of place the most.

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Vocals: Sho (Dimlim)
Guitar: Imai (Buck-tick)
Guitar: Aie (deadman)
Bass: Toshiya (Diru)
Drums: Shizumi (Kagerou)
Imai is very out of place, but I love him soo whatever


Vocals: Karasuna Mei (Kuroyuri to Kage)
Guitar: Miya (Mucc)
Bass: Kazu (Kagerou)
Drums: Kyonosuke (Kizu)

Vocals: Maco (deadman)
Guitar: Közi (Malice MIzer)
Guitar:Kaoru (DEG)
Bass:Tomo (Dadaroma)
Drums: Meto (Mejibray)


Inevitably god tier power metal band:

Vo, Satsuki (RENTRER EN SOI)
Gu, Syu (Galneryus) – yeah yeah ik just pretend they’re vk
Gu, Hizaki (Jupiter, Versailles, HGP)
Dr, Johannes (Develop One’s Faculties) [lol]
Key, Ayame (Matenrou Opera)

option 2:

Vo, Yasu (Janne Da Arc)
Gu, Sakito (NIGHTMARE)
Gu, Miyavi (Miyavi, Due Le Quartz)
Ba, Nao (Kagrra,) B)
Dr, Nao (Alice Nine) B)

honestly could go on forever making supergroups, so fun

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Vocal: Kyo from DIR EN GREY
Guitar: Yoh from NAZARE
Bass: Reita from the GazettE
Drum: Mika from sukekiyo

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Hayashida Linda (vo)
Akira Nakayama (gu)
SUNNOVA (prog. & video)
345 (ba)
Imai Hisashi (gu. & synth)
DEATH-O/Nero (drums)

There can be only one true VK Super-Band and we all know who that is
These badass guys
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Ok, on a serious note…
I have no VK super band 🤷🤷


I hope we get a S.K.I.N reunion after the new X album comes out sometime in 2080