En’Cell♰Dis’Dein 1st Album + Tokyo, Osaka oneman gigs

We have our first full length coming out in late September followed by an instore event at LIKE AN EDISON Tokyo and then 2 free oneman gigs in Tokyo and Osaka as a way of saying thanks for selling out previous releases. If you are in Tokyo or Osaka area around those dates come on over and enjoy some funky tunes :pray::cat2:


Good stuff! Hope it all goes well.

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3.In Blue…
10.Crystal Eyes


This will be amazing :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:

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Thank you for sharing the preview :slight_smile:
it was really hard building this album up but I hope everyone enjoys the effort we put into making sure it was all real drums, real instrument takes, even the rack synths are from the 90s era and were played or programed by hand, no vocal pitch stuff or editing the time out of performances ^v^
if you can get the A5 limited edition hardcover version I hope you enjoy all the art and photos in it~!
If you end up getting the digital version I saw someone wanted hi-res format too?
Just hit me up with a screenshot of your purchase from itunes or amazon etc. and I will hook you up with the hi-res data also.

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Thank you for sharing!

The A5 version sold out in one day so if you are using a buying service please wait until we can restock, we will produce another batch and let everyone know beforehand that we are restocking them.
Thank you for any support!


That’s cool :octopus:

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It’s up on youtube too, now:


We have had really great results with the release but now am starting to feel a bit of the limits of doing everything independently. I think overseas VK fans are super passionate and have great knowledge about the scene that can escape someone who is within it even as I am so caught up just in our stuff. What opinions do you folks have on current label’s in the scene? Would love any input.

Never, join a visual kei label… (joke)
I don’t know any real visual label who really know how to send stuff overseas, so for that part I guess it’s on you still, or you need to teach someone how to do it.

But label’s in the scene? The best stays simply “Double River Record”…

However any label is fine to join who likes to have you under their Butt, they only thing is, never sign a contract until you are “100% sure” for what you have signed for and if there is anything you don’t agree with, tell them and try to turn it into something you both 100% agree on.

The biggest mistake of bands is, that they simply sign a contract without really knowing for what stuff they all signed for.

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thanks for the input!

yah that seems the hardest thing.
Here there is that control problem…
Probably just have to bite the bullet and expand business in house >.<;

Maybe talk with Shinjuku loft people, they maybe know some good people to work with.

And the control problem isn’t only for Japan… it exist anywhere, that’s why they always say; take time to read any contract and say “no” to any point you don’t agree with. Some musicians even hire a special “(music) contract lawyer” to read any music contract, because they often use terms you don’t even know what the hell it means and how the best you can say “I don’t agree, with this point”.

But getting good bounds with various live houses but also non-vkei ojisan bandman is always good, to safe your ass if you messed up things or just to help you out with various stuff you just don’t aware of (yet).

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Contacts isnt the problem, just figuring which is best is the big question :sweat_drops:
went out to eat with manager of like an edison yesterday too and the basic response is similar, its a tough situation…
If we invest everything in building this as a label we can get full distribution but Id rather have someone else handle that headache if possible💦

In the west its become more of “we want you to present us with your finished product, well market it” with friends on indie labels like Metropolis for ex.
But here it is always handing over a bit too much of control with vk labels it seems.:sweat_smile:

Sounds still a matter of “having a good contract” with handing over “control” tho.
But might try to talk with “shinjuku loft”, they might could give some advice who to ask the best.

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Yeah but again wanting to know what people’s experiences/opinions are with say:

  1. ordering direct from label
  2. event/instore experiences
    Contacts in Japan isnt the problem as we live here and are in the scene so not asking about that.
    Wanting to know what overseas fans experiences are direct if anyone has some direct experiences esp with ordering direct, or if you live here and frequent events. :pray::heart:

That’s 99% impossible because they don’t support overseas shipping…
The only guy who ever did do it right was Kiwamu, right?

→ event/instore experiences
It’s hard if you live overseas, because you need to get some stuff often via lives or buying a CD which you cannot get easy, because overseas shipping isn’t possible without a proxy.
And then still everything is into Japanese, so sometimes it can be hard to follow, if you don’t understand Japanese at all.

I guess that’s for everyone the case?

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After lots of input we decided to take the leap~
Website and online shop with overseas shipping is open now!
more items and other stuff also coming soon.



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