ex-ひまわり (Himawari) members new band "鮮血A子ちゃん" (Senketsu A-kochan) has formed

new band “鮮血A子ちゃん” (Senketsu A-kochan) has formed in May and their first demo live will be held on 6/27

Vo.滅多刺しひろくん (mettasashi hirokun) (ex-ガンミ (Ganmi) → ひまわり (Himawari))
Gt.みこ (micko) (ex-NAZARE (roadie), NOKUTO (support) → DEFINE)
Ba.まるこ (maruko)
Dr.あさひ (asahi) (ex-ひまわり (Himawari))


This. Is gonna be good, I can feel it. Also does the bassist have little loc twists? Cute! I hope they do some nu-metal.

Cool, i really dig the rawness of hiros vocals

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Tuis will be amazing :cherry_blossom:

Confirmation that Hiro-kun is the same Kusuri from Himawari, judging by the cheki on the left

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old dezert cosplay, love it

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Huh, Serial Experiments Lain, Pulp Fiction, and Cannibal Holocaust? Anyway can’t wait, love the logo and this will surely be :fire:

This is gunna slap