Favorite electric guitar types

Whenever I listen to JRO I find myself fangirling over the different types of electric guitars the guitarists use my latest obsession has been the ESP guitar “snow white” which I noticed in the Penicillin mv Romance (Not an exact match a lot of white guitars look the same so it just may be an Ibanez) so i’m just wondering who else out there has a guitar obsession and which one’s your favorite? (Make any changes if necessary)

Screenshot 2023-02-17 8.25.11 PM
Screenshot 2023-02-17 8.26.10 PM


Unfortunately I don’t know enough to contribute to this topic, but if anyone knows the guitars they used in D.I.D. Could you let me know? (Also the drums if you can.)

Actually I guess that question more or less is my answer.


I’m a fan of Stratocaster shaped guitars, I especially love the Jackson JS series cus they have a really cool headstock shape that looks like it could double as a weapon.

here’s mine

I also REALLY need this Ibanez in my life cus it’s so pretty but it’s EXPENSIVE

Also @Jojo_b, one of the guitars seems to be a PRS DGT but I’m not sure, someone will hopefully correct me if I’m wrong. loved the song btw


I picked up a seven string dj0ntstick recently, and i love it.

Heres the bad boy in it’s glory.


Ty, I’ll make sure to look into it!

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Can’t go wrong with any of B-T Imai’s wacky futuristic Fernandes models.

…and the classic:


That first one… Sheesh…

I guess i am more the classic person
Also excuse me i will bass guitars not guitar guitars :laughing:
Also let me mention, i can’t play guitar or bass

Atlantsia Victoria

And Ibanez BTBs (have you expected anything else from me?)

Interesting to note, but when you look past the VK scene you will notice that ESP feels like a classic VK Brand.
Basically ESP isn’t as dominating in other scenes as it is in the VK scene.


The Ibanez I own is really nice, but you have to see the light bounce off it in person.


I’ma need some chunky demos STAT

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Hol’ up, i’ma cookin’-a-somethin’ up.

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It’s shape and colour is so beautiful! how does it sound?

Its got some real rich tones, very whole sounding. The attack/sustain is pretty good, but im definitely gonna get some new pickups in the future. Ive also gotta have my luthier touch up the action on it; it sits a bit lower than i’d like.

Really though, its a fabulous instrument .


I have the Edwards version of this guitar sitting in my room. The black color with Mana’s signature on the back. Played it once and now it’s on display.



That’s amazing :star_struck:

I’m a huge Ibanez lover even though I play my Schecter Blackjack 7 the most haha

Both of those for me, but I do want to get my hands on a Fernandes soon to have a Drop D or half/full step down guitar :thinking:


I’m trying to get my hands on another guitar to have a standard tuning one, my current guitar is down to B standard/Drop A with .12 gauge strings so I can’t tune it back :skull:


Just a thought but dropped 7s can cover both the low A range you are used to as well as standard tuning. Best of both worlds!


Looks wise: hide’s guitars will always be my favorite!
Yuana from Kagerou’s Killer model is one I am always jealous of~
ESP guitars in general are always really great looking! but you are paying more for the name than anything, after I got one it was not like some fabled thing I imagined it to be.

Playing wise: Ibanez, the wizard necks are really the most comfortable thing for me so.
While hide and buck-tick guitars look great the quality of fernandes artists models they shell out to the public is kind of like a toy at times,
while other companies increased the quality of their stuff fernandes just kept to crap T_T so when I bought a hide model I was really disappointed each time tbh. old Fernandes overseas (USA market) older bebes are way better and wayyy cheaper, love the vertigo models.
Schecter is always great too, never a disappointment.
Old 80s Kramer guitars are really great too~

Pickups: Dimarzio PAF, duncan hot rail, duncan phat cats, duncan JB and Full shred are love/hate relationship.