Favorite female vocalist bands

This is as the title reads. What are your guys top favorite japanese bands that have a female as a vocalist. This could be any band. This can also help people discover new bands. Here is my list:



Exist Trace


Yousei Teikoku

Forgot to add one more:

ポルカドットスティングレイ (Polkadotstingray)


There are a number of notable female-fronted J-rock bands out there. The only band that I have been following closely is BAND-MAID. Saiki (BAND–MAID Vo.) is such a queen. They are releasing a new studio album “Unseen World” in two weeks.


I don’t know if this counts since they’re an idol group, but BROKEN BY THE SCREAM are amazing.

If its a female singer they count. I agree they are not bad i just haven’t gotten into them just yet


Necro Circus

and 「13」

I’ve never been sure if Aki is female or not. :sweat_smile:

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A lot of the above-ground female-fronted/all-female groups are too gimmicky for me. The ladies of the Angura scene, however, tickle my fancy :ok_hand:

犬神サーカス団 (Inugami Circus Dan) are one of my absolute favs, they blend hard rock with Enka and Kyoko’s lovely voice certainly lends the band some charm

駄菓子菓子 (Wagashi Dagashi) is a deep cut and they go hard, Mera always brings those punk vibes

ストロベリーソングオーケストラ (Strawberry Song Orchestra) has like 5 vocalists at a time but the women outnumber the men so I think they count for this list

Finally, Amadeus isn’t Angura and also has Seiji as a vocalist but they are a classic. Nene’s voice is beautiful, especially at the 3:00 minute mark


I miss Decola Hopping so much.

Sokoninaru, one of my favorite bands, her main vocalist is a guy, but there are some lines where the bassist sings too, and I think her voice is wonderful.


While I enjoy Band-Maid (and Babymetal), my favourite for Japanese female vocals will always be GO!GO!7188. Love listening to them and singing along. Been a fan for so long now, I can’t remember when I found them haha


Gallhammer by a long shot. Probably.


Ooh, nice!

For more sludgy doom, there’s also Bloody Panda.

yuri from 13 is not a female. He is (Ex- signal)

Looks like you found a loop hole in the rules with Amadeus :sweat_smile:
Danm that voice i didnt say support vocals was out hmm lol


Technically, this means that someone can add the GazettE since they have some female backing vocalists.

There’s two bands called 13.
This one is from Yuri.

This one is from Aki.

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O_O wow thank you for the clarification. Sorry big signal fan here i was like whaaaa. Yea aki is a female i think???

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No prob. I was super fan of Yuri’s voice when he was on 13 and back in the day there was some confusion about both bands too. :smile:

To not get off the topic of the original post here another band that I like with a female vocalist.

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They were more of a pop band, but I really liked Shiggy Jr.

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Aldious (with Re:NO, never were interested before her, didn’t try out music after her yet)


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Oh no, I loved Inugami Circus video. Time to pour over YT for the other ones.

I hope one day The Ghost inside of Me will have money for a MV. I can only imagine what Marvellous visuals they could do with enough money.

Another one:

One of my favourite even though there is almost nothing around by this old group.