Favorite Kuso-Kei Bands?

Who are some of your favorite kuso-kei bands? We’re talking bands with vocalists who can’t sing to save their lives, the music is chaos and or produced in the bedroom, their visual and musical style is all over the place, not exactly the most handsome bandmen and are mediocre or fake musicians who are playing to a backing track or struggle to play live and are most likely shit human beings and deplorables in every day life, but are a guilty pleasure? I’ll start off with my favorite of all time MAMIRETA (RIP), tie that with Verxina (RIP again) and now I’m feeling like SONS OF LIBERTY are filling the void that MAMIRETA especially have left. I get MAMIRETA vibes from JIGSAW, but BUKIMI can actually sing.


Yeah, mamireta is the one

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Devil Kitty


I don’t know if I’d consider that kusomen or just deliberately bad kote-kei aesthetics.

Kirawaremono are a guilty pleasure of mine

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I don’t even consider that a band since they’ve never released music, they’re like actors with musical instruments.


sunawachi saga, or any of tsubasa’s bands for that matter because they keep on delivering kusomen drama

i barely listened to like 1 or 2 songs btw

MAMIRETA are considered kusomen? i’ve only heard one song so i didn’t know, i kinda want the tea tho…

I really don’t have any idea how to determine whether a band falls into this category or not but I like literally every band mentioned in this topic so far so…

Dir en grey x


I liked MAMIRETA, but they weren’t a very good live band, or at least Bastu wasn’t a very good live vocalist, so I guess that’s where they fit in the category of kusomen. At least that’s how I’m interpreting it.

Batsu wasn’t a great live singer, but dear god was he fun. My opinion of them is somewhat coloured by their absolute trainwreck last live, they kind of just hurt my heart now lol


True. He was very fun to watch, especially when he would breakdance in random places.

Yall are not exactly describing kusomen here, mamiretas batsu does smell girls belongings after snatching them away without permission at lives but thats his whole shtick so it doesnt really make them kusomen

I went with the elaboration in the post rather than sticking with a catchy name, though Devil Kitty fits

I guess The Black Swan count right? They wrote the kusomen anthem.

(And I wholeheartedly agree Batsu was a bad singer … but he was a great showman. I thought the Mamireta show I went to was tons of fun.)

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Isn’t a “kusomen” just a band guy with a bad reputation? Like, someone bangya have lots of bad things to say about? Or does the band have to suck too for him to be a kusomen?

I feel like the OP means “shit kei”, where the band kinda sucks but you’re also kinda into it because it sucks?


Well, wouldn’t the band members in a shit kei band be called shit(band)men as well? Maybe I’m over-reaching, but I feel like it fits the theme.

The distinction is mainly that a “kusomen” is generally regarded to be a horrible person. You can be a perfectly nice person and still make terrible music. :sweat_smile: