Favourite groups from your homeland

My Idea was for this thread that you put some embeds with music of groups from your own country. own country means the land you identify with. If you were born in german but your family moved to austria at the age of 4 you can also post music from austria if you like as example.

So here mine
I live in germany:

their music is so magic. A lot of their songs are remixes of songs of the middle ages.

most times their lyrics iritate me but I love their guitar sounds

Manic depression im Elternhaus


Thats a nice idea.
I am from Germany too
(i live in egypt, but don’t really listen arabic music)

I actually don’t listen a lot of german music.

But i do like this group, Itchy.
When i got into them they was still called itchy poopzkid and participated on show from MTV called Band Trip. Good old time, ya know :sweat_smile: :joy:


As a Korean American, I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of artists in the same cultural spectrum whose music I’ve enjoyed. Most K American artists are electronic/hip-hop producers and, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it leaves an empty gap in other genres like rock or metal.

Yaeji might be the most unique electronic K American artist I’ve heard. Her music is very chill with a vapor aesthetic. Tokimonsta is a solid producer but I think her first album is where the magic is.

Tokimonsta - Midnight Menu (full album)

Yaeji - Raingurl


Mine is/will be quite boring in comparison to what most people will post but The Smiths. Despite their age I still find a lot of their lyrics and imagery relevant today.

This is probably the least sounding Smiths song but it’s one of my favourites, despite the huge list of bands hailing from the UK I’ve never really had a connection with any of them bar The Smiths and aside from general knowledge of UK rock, this is the only band my father and I bond over.


Representing Canada here.

I like some of Marianas Trench’s stuff a lot, although the singer is kind of obnoxious.

They are from BC though, which is on the other side of the country from me.

The biggest (and possibly only major) export from the specific suburb I grew up in is actually Sum 41. I remember liking some of their stuff as a teenager - actually, I found out a Japanese song I translated recently uses a sample from “Pieces”, which was part of the reason I was so charmed by it. It was kind of a funny moment when I saw people commenting about how they were happy to hear Sum 41 being sampled in Japanese hip-hop. I’ve never listened to anything other than their radio singles though - I always liked Good Charlotte and AFI better.

I spent a lot of my childhood listening to Shania Twain, since my parents owned a bar out in a rural area and they used to play country music on the TVs all the time. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for her music because of that. Her older songs are still played on the radio all the time here due to CanCon requirements, and they still hold up. My sister and I still turn the volume up when they come on.

Lol, I still remember my sister had like a whole denim outfit as a kid and we called it her “Shania Twain look”. Her denim look from this video definitely made a big impression on me.


Sopor Aeternus all the way

They are kind of buddies of mine and I have even recorded a song with them but I wouldn’t have if I didn’t deem them to be good, so, Circus of Fools

Also, Helium Vola is very beautiful. I don’t know much (and everybody knows that particular song) by them but I do want to get more into them once I’m in the mood.


Some Lithuanian stuff.
BA (by the initials of band’s leader, Benas Aleksandravičius). First lithuanian band I have started actively listening to (and even going to their gig once). They have catchy songs, they have some ballads and stuff.

Abudu. Randomly stumbled upon this song, instantly loved it. Then I listened to the album (from which this song was), and I loved the album as well.

Baltasis Kiras. Another random revelation I got into. This song is not really a representative of the album, but holy shit I like this chill vibe.

Shishi. Suddenly, some surf-rock stuff, haha. Stubmled upon them during Devilstone festival and got curious about their stuff.


I absolutely LOVE yaeji, one of my favs I think

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I’m from Quebec (Canada) so I grew up with french music. I’ll share some of my favorites :

Jean Leloup (poet, singer, half-algerian, half-quebecker)

Les Cowboys Fringants (they toured in France, Belgium, etc):

Mononc’ Serge (poet, singer) :

(He actually sings a bit in german, but dunno what he’s saying lol, and I’m not even sure it’s real german haha)
He actuallys laugh about other provinces of Canada haha. This one’s about Saskatchewan. He even did a full album about Canada haha.

Kataklysm :

Yeah, they’re actually from Montreal. Montreal is a HUGE city for metal folks around the world. Every metal band stops here!

Harmonium (core of our culture :slight_smile: )

Symphonique version of it, but original :

Yes, Celine Dion comes from Quebec, but who doesn’t know her haha.

And last, probably our greatest female singer ever :

Ginette Reno

The list is very long, but we have lots of talent here ^^

Hope you enjoy a bit! Cheers :slight_smile:


Nickelback the greatest Canadian rock band ever /s

But really though Billy Talent is the soundtrack of my youth.

Damn near killed myself on this one, sorry about the quality

Overlooking the emo stuff, they were probably the band that made me dig strong rhythm sections over everything else.


I don’t enjoy Czech used in music that much,
but I love our goregrind bands. We have one of the biggest if not the biggest goregrind festival in Europe.

Gutalax (named after the brand of laxatives)

Spasm (it is what it is)

There are few “normal” metal Czech songs that I enjoyed as a kid
Kabát (Coat in English)

Hentai corporation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (this song is pretty great actually)

I’ll throw here a pop song for a change of pace
Kryštof (Christopher- Merchant with rain)


Billy Talent was also a part of my youth :stuck_out_tongue: And hello fellow Canadian :smiley:

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It’s a banger alright!

I don’t like the traditional music from here. It’s just not my thing. But there’s a lot of cool bands.
Here Comes The Kraken:
Awesome Deathcore/Metalcore especially their last album.

This one is more Pop/Punk Emo. Their last 3 records were awesome tho

Allison is similar to Pxndx but I don’t like them as much. But this song is a banger

Finally Zoe, they’re more psychedelic rock


If someone wants to try (GOOD) Italian rap/hiphop, here is Caparezza. Problem for foreigner is that he is really good at writing lyrics, and they are in Italian and VERY linked to Italian culture/slang/life/puns, so translating them with an automatic translator misses more than half the wordplays, political messages etc.

“Argenti Lives” is a song where Filippo Argenti (Dante’s RL abusive neighbour) disses Dante Alighieri. Basically it’s a song about how violence and brutality prevails in society.

Or “Come dance in Puglia” where “dance” subtextually actually means “die”, and under a cheerful tourist friendly “pizzica” music, he tells about Puglia (it’s a region in the South of Italy) workplace fatalities and pollution deaths (and other issues).

Forgot this one about his tinnitus


I’m from Hungary, and I’d be hard pressed to name good musical acts from here, at least according to my (probably oddly specific) tastes, but there are two (quite underground) bands that come to my mind that I like.

The first one is called Isten Háta Mögött (meaning ‘God Forsaken’). The good thng is that you don’t have to worry about the lyrics, cause… well I’m not gonna call them gibberish, but it’s been a running joke with this band, that only the singer understands what the songs are about. :slight_smile: They don’t have any MVs or such, so I’ll just link to a full album called ‘A Kényelmetlen Lemez’ (meaning ‘The Uncomfortable Album’). Good luck.

The other band I like is called Aebsence, and they are a metal band with folk music influence, mostly in singing style and lyrics, so it would be hard to translate. Just go with the vibes. I’ll link two songs from them:


I love this so much, especially the first one!

love aebsence!!! one of my favourite bands when I was a teenager was Hungarian, péterfy bori & love band. wow, haven’t thought of them for a looooong time. I thought it was the absolute coolest language too.


Apparently, this guy is Lithuanian, huh. Pretty relaxing.

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And for the lolz, we also have this guy from Quebec (Canada) :

And that iconic guy and his iconic song but a metal version of it :