A weird topic, but here goes nothing. Anyone interested in fragrances I e colognes and perfumes in general or ones artists use? I’ve eyed Chanel’s Egoiste for a while and signed up for Scentbird and am going to try all of the Issey Miyake they have available. I don’t really know of any that musicians use aside from one member of UVERworld used Raulph Lauren and I think Kyo probably uses Versace Eos :man_shrugging:

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I can‘t say I‘m interested because I‘m very sensitive to anything that smells and even what I like can get too much for me pretty easily, which‘s why I don‘t like any kinda scented candles and all the stuff that goes along with aroma therapy.

I just have favorite perfumes, my most favorite one is Tomo by Annayake.
But aside from stumbling over this one a good ten years ago I keep away from perfumeries (otherwise I definitely end up with a massive headache or worse).

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I love perfumes. I’m currently wearing Iris Torréfié by Guerlain which has been fun, if not seasonal, and am currently eyeing a few possibilities to switch to as the weather warms up.

Hm tbh, I often like these beautiful designs of perfume flacons and there are some that smell so good. I remember I liked Chloé back then. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But in reality I can’t really wear them because it often irritates my eyes and nose. In general, I mostly buy things without any fragrances.

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