GACKT to go on indefinite hiatus

GACKT is to go on an indefinite hiatus due to a nervous system disease and dysphonia.


I really hope he’s managed his money well so he can retire in peace otherwise someone might find him at a Lawson’s working the register lmao. It sucks that he’s been forced to go on hiatus even though his music is hit or miss with me :sob:

Not gonna lie, this hits very hard. I wish him a speedy recovery :frowning:


Did he get a bangya pregger

He can sell that snow mountain now

Oh damn this one stings a bit. I do hope he can find a way to manage and come back in time.


I honestly thought he already was on one, but the fact there’s an illness involved makes me feel really badly for him. I hope he recovers soon.


Really hate to hear this, you get dysphonia a lot with Parkinsons too.

Dysphonia and a neural disease is a really bad combination, obviously we don’t know what he has yet but I can only think of bad lifelong diseases. I hope it’s nothing serious and that he can recover

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man, this sucks so much.

wishing him a full recovery, here’s to one of the greatest of all time. A fucking living legend

Damn, that sounds rough.

tbh his music was so mediocre for so long, and I didn’t even expect him to release anything decent ever again.

I hope he gets proper treatment, and I probably would feel more empathetic to the situation if he had any real music activity happening for a decade instead of releasing cocklifting workouts, bodypillows and investing in NFTs.


English statement here


Seems like this has been going on for about 10 years but it finally caught up to him.
Now this would explain the stagnation with material since probably 2010 and why LAST MOON was in essence a best of.


Fucking sucks. I hope his health gets better.

Still appreciate his music even with the last releases.

I wonder if this condition had anything to do with the infrequency of his releases. He was very active in the early 2000s, but his last album was in 2016. And his last single was released in 2017.


sixth day & seventh night will always be legendary


was my first japanese artist to listen (2005/2006?). I was obsessed with him until 2012.
Then I saw that he released only singles, best and dvd’s “playbacks” and I got angry. this angry justify his poor activity in music. I feel bad for him and for hating him without knowing the reasons before. I hope he recovers, just for him, not just for his music.


I wanna make jokes and stuff but his leave is due to such sad circumstances, I just can’t. The man made some damn good music and I always respected him as a musician. I hope he can recover and get better.


This guy is the reason why I got into Japanese music, and Rebirth was the first CD I imported from Japan. I hope he recovers.


I really hope he’s managed his money well

He has a real estate company, multiple houses (including a 1600 sqm mansion in Singapore) and afaik even a real castle in Germany. Besides that he might also gain a small revenue from his music. I think money is not the problem for him.