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Creating a thread to talk about news related to video games whether it’s releases, stories, etc. Let’s start with a fun one.

The domain for expired and somebody ended up buying it before Konami renewed it. If you go there now it’s just a screenshot of a tweet that the art director, Masahiro Ito, made about wishing he never created Pyramid Head.

Freaking amazing.


This just in, Elden Ring is so successful it’s pissing off other developers:

UX and UI are important factors, sure, but it’s the gameplay people are going to care about. Those things should really just be things people notice in the background while playing. Seems pretty petty to throw shade at other developers just because their game is doing phenomenally well.


Ubisoft devs throwing shade at an open-world game that’s actually good is peak comedy.

here’s hoping the next assassin’s creed is a soulsborne clone


It all comes full circle. It’s kinda weird that FromSoftware started out making lesser known out-of-the-box games for the PS1, and now they’re the industry standard for 3rd person combat/exploration games. I love seeing it though; they’ve been sharpening their craft for over 30 years and the praise they get is well deserved.


The new Playstation Plus got announced with 3 tiers:


Personally, I don’t really care. I’ve tried Playstation Now and Playstation Plus and the only thing I was hoping for was the ability to download PS3 games. It sounds like the only only difference now is that the services for Now and Plus are combined, and you now have to pay more to PS Now services.

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i’m excited for the radical dreamers/chrono cross switch release next month

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Anyone else tune into the State of Play today? Games I’m looking forward to:

-Callisto Protocol
-RE4 Remake
-Final Fantasy 16


Kinda disappointed in lack of news about RE Village DLC, but god damn, starting with RE 4 Remake, that was something.

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Same. I figured they’d make an announcement about DLC since it’s been awhile since the game’s launch. The VR showcase was cool, but probably not something I’d get since I don’t have a VR set.

Very psyched for RE4make. And its apparently set to release sometime next year in March. It looks like it’s going for a more serious tone. Hope Leon doesn’t completely loose his “cool boy” persona.

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I just checked - they announced DLC for Village literally a year ago:
So yeah, felt weird we got RE4 before news about REVIII DLC stuff. But eh.

I don’t have PS4/PS5 at all, so this VR stuff is not for me either :sweat_smile:

Meanwhile, RE4 (for Wii) was my first RE, so I’ll be very curious to try it out.

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Oh wow, it feels like it should’ve been out by now. Yeah, not like it’s bad news to get RE4 news though, right? haha

I hear that’s the best version because of the motion controls. I initially played on Gamecube. It’ll definitely be interesting. RE4 is basically responsible for setting the standard for how 3rd person horror games played since the mid 2000s. I think at most this remake will just be a visual upgrade, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

I just wanna be able to still suplex ganados


Man, summer game fest was a bust. But that The Last of Us Pt I leak was kinda cool.

Honestly, I don’t feel like this game needs a remake. I played it for the first time 2 years ago and I thought the visuals still looked really good.

Insert GTA V meme about 1 game 3 generations

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Speaking of GTA, there are certainly worse ways a remake/remaster could turn out.

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Haha I’ve seen this going around. Guess not much has changed since 2 generations ago lol

shiiiiiiiiiiet Rondo of Blood getting some love

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I don’t even play games anymore and somehow I’m still disturbed by the excessive monetization in Diablo: Immortal…


The way they’re doing monetization is absolutely atrocious. $100,000 of real life money to level up a single character build? Get the hell outta here with that.

Hey guys come on now from what I heard it MIGHT cost over $100,000 to max out your character if you’re unlucky but as long as you have luck on your side (which any real gamer would) it might cost as low as only $40,000! I think people are really blowing things out of proportion… and besides I’m sure there’s a justifiable reason for them pricing things the way they did! :blush: